Tasting 4/9

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  1. Course 1
    • Maine Lobster Parfait
    • Lobster poached 6 min, tossed with chervil and argumato oil
    • Chervil Emulsion- chervil blanched, pureed, mixed with creme fraiche and whipped
    • Fermented Black Bean Puree- lemon zest, veg stock
    • Candied Ginger, Grapefruit, and micro green salad
    • Caviar
  2. Course 2
    • Lemon Steamed Halibut
    • Halibut steamed with Lemon, white wine, leek, onion, shallot
    • Papaya, french breakfast raddish, candied lemon garnish
    • Vanilla scented mint vin- verjus, grapeseed blended with mint, bora bora vanilla
  3. Course 3
    • Cinnamon Smoked Spiced Duck Breast
    • Duck- rubbed with white/black pepper, clove, cinnamon, star anise
    • Smoked with applewood and cinnamon
    • Seared Med-Rare
    • Carmelized Belgian Endive with roasted bone marrow
    • Grilled King trumpet shrooms
    • Pine Bud Syrup
    • Cranberry reduction-Chicken stock base
  4. Course 4
    • Txiki Barinaga, served with focaccia
    • Marin county overlooking Tomales
    • Barinaga Ranch cheese using Sheep basque style.
    • Flavor of sweet milk, hint of salted roasted walnuts
    • Sixty days aged.
  5. Course 5
    • Mocha Opera Mosaic
    • Dense Almond sponge cake, coffee and chocolate layers
    • Served with Strawberry white pepper sorbet
  6. Wine 1
    • 2010 L'Antica Quercia "Matiu" Prosecco Superior Veneto Italy
    • Great light dry floral and fruity
  7. Wine 2
    • 2009 Terra dora Grecco Di Tufo Loggia Della Serra Campania Italy
    • Medium Body with riper aroma and round mouth feel
  8. Wine 3
    • 2003 Tornesi Brunello Di Montalcino Reserva Tuscany
    • Dense and well structured with layers of fruit and minerality
    • Wamer vintage for a riper forward style.
  9. Wine 4
    • Villa Di Carlo Lambrusco Grasparossa Di Catelvetro Emilia Romagna italy
    • Deep red dry sparkler with strong black fruit
  10. Wine 5
    2011 Banfi Rosa Regales Brachetto D'Acqui Piedmont
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