circulatory system

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  1. 4 main chambers of the heart
    • -right ventricle
    • -left ventricle
    • -right atrium
    • -left atrium
  2. artery=
    carries blood away from heart
  3. vein=
    carries blood to the heart
  4. what does systole mean
    to contract
  5. what does diastole mean
  6. what are atrioventricular valves
    located btw the atria and ventricles
  7. what are semilunar valves
    located in ventricle n artery
  8. diff. btw arties, veins n capillaries?
    • -arteries carry blood away from heart n have thick walls
    • -veins carry blood to the heart n have think lumen
    • -capillaries branch off arteries n supp;y body with blood, membrane is 1 cell thick
  9. what are the components found in blood
    platelets, white blood cells, red blood cells, blood plasma
  10. what is a pulse?
    when the blood that is pumped expands the walls of the blood vessels
  11. 2 main vessesl that are used to measure pulse of an individual
    radial and carotid artery
  12. 2 components of the cardiovascular system
    heart and blood vessels
  13. funnction of the system;
    carry oxygen n nutrients thruout body
  14. 3 layers of the heart;
    • -epicardium; outside
    • -myocardium; middle
    • -endocardium; inside
  15. what allows blood flow in only 1 direction
  16. function of platelets
    blood clotting, also hemostasis
  17. serous membrane of the heart
  18. btw each upper n lower chamber on the left of the heart is a valve called
    bicuspid valve, mitral
  19. valve btw chambers on the right side is
  20. all 4 valves function is
    prevent backflow of blood
  21. right atrium connects to
    superior n inferior vena cavae
  22. left atrium connects to
    pummonary veins
  23. right ventricle connects to
    pulmonary arteries
  24. left ventricle connects to
  25. what arteries provide the heart with blood
  26. which circuit takes deoxygenated blood to lungs
  27. which circuit takes blood and distribute whole body
  28. pacemaker of the heart
    SA node
  29. from SA node ,the impulses go to
    AV node
  30. 1 compelte contraction/relaxation is called
    cardiac cycle
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