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  1. Where was the birthplace of hockey?
    Windsor, Nova Scotia
  2. Field hockey, cricket, influenced hurley then evolved into ice hockey in?
    Windsor, Nova Scotia.
  3. Who took credit for origin of ice hockey in Montreal?
  4. Why did historians rule out Nova Scotia as Hockey's birthplace?
    Because hockey evolved from recreational pursuit in Halifax and the sport was given rules in Montreal.

    There is no evidence to support their claim says Earl Zukerman

    SIHR claimed Montreal and Halifax to be birthplace.
  5. Describe games in Halifax and Nova Scotia.
    • -it was played outdoors with hundreds of players
    • -no goaltenders
    • -Montreal first indoor game was played (Victoria Skating Rink)
  6. Why was Montreal and Halifax the birthplace and not Windsor?
    Windsors claim is based on a piece of fiction written by Thomas Haliburton
  7. Who was the narrator in the short story Hockey Dreams?
    3rd person omnicient.
  8. Discuss the characters, conflicts, and themes.
    • Characters-
    • Son: 2-D, end of his second year of hockey, 11 yrs old, loves to improve
    • Father: 3-D, played hockey since he was little, played house leagues to AAA, was captain, his father was coach, his dad pushed him to exceed but the further he moved up in the ranks the less passion he had for the game.


    Son/father vs himself, father vs his father, son/father vs environment.

    • Themes-
    • fulfilling dreams
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