kin 140 ch 10 alcohol

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  1. binge drinking
    drinking to become intoxciated - 5 drinks in a single sitting for men and four drinks for women
  2. blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
    ratio of alcohol to total blood voluame;factor used to measure the physiological and behaviour effects of alcohol
  3. learned behavioural tolerance
    ability of drinkers to modify their behaviours so that they appear sober
  4. hangover
    physiological reaction - headaches, upset stomach, anxiety, depression, diarrhea, thirst
  5. cirrhosis
    last stage of liver disease associated with chronic heavy use of alcohol- liver cells die and damage is permanent
  6. alcoholic hepatitis
    condition resulting from prolonged use of alcohol in which the liver is inflamed. can result in death
  7. intervention
    planned confrontation with a person addicted to alcohol in which family members and/or friends express their concern about the drinking
  8. tar
    • benzopyrene
    • phenol
  9. smoking chemicals / gas
    • nicotine
    • tar
    • carbon monoxide
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