Vocab 19-21

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  1. benediction
    • an invocation of divine blessing, usually at the end of a religious service
    • a blessing; expression of good wishes
  2. colloquium
    • an academic seminar on a broad field of study, usually led by a different lecturer at each meeting; conference
    • an informal meeting for the exchange of views
  3. edict
    • a formal proclamation, command, or decree
    • a decree or proclamation issued by an authority and having the force of law
  4. elocution
    • the art of public speaking, emphasizing gesture, vocal production, and delivery
    • style or manner, especially of public speaking
  5. grandiloquence
    pompous or bombastic speech or expression
  6. indict
    • to accuse of a crime or other offense; charge
    • to make a formal accusation against by the findings of a grand jury
    • to attack or condemn
  7. interdict
    to prohibit or forbid,; place under a legal or ecclesiastical sanction
  8. interlocutor
    someone who takes part in a conversation
  9. loquacious
    very talkative; garrulous
  10. soliloquy
    • a literary or dramatic form of discourse in which a character reveals his or her thoughts in the form of a monologue without addressing a listener
    • the act of speaking to oneself
  11. deleterious
    having harmful effect; injurious
  12. despoil
    to deprive of possessions or property by force; plunder; rob
  13. effectual
    producing or sufficient to produce a desired result; fully adequate
  14. jettison
    • to discard as unwanted or burdensome
    • to cast off or overboard
  15. obviate
    to prevent by anticipating; make unneccessary
  16. pinnacle
    • the highest point; summit; acme
    • a tall, pointed formation, such as a mountain peak
    • a small turret or spire on a roof or buttress
  17. raze
    • to tear down or demolish; level to the ground
    • to scrape or shave off
  18. stultify
    • to render useless or inadequate; cripple
    • to cause to appear stupid, inconsistent, or ridiculous
  19. surmount
    • to overcome (an obstacle); conquer
    • to ascend to the top of climb
    • to place something above; top
  20. wrest
    • to obtain by or as by pulling with violent twisting movements
    • to usurp forcefully
    • to extract by force, guile, or persistent effort; wring
  21. avarice
    an extreme desire for wealth; greed
  22. insatiable
    incapable of being fully satisfied
  23. inundate
    • to overwhelm as if with a flood; swamp
    • to cover with water, especially flood water; overflow
  24. myriad
    • constituting a very large, indefinite number; innumerable
    • comprised of numerous diverse elements or facets
  25. parsimony
    unusual or excessive frugality; stinginess
  26. prodigal
    • recklessly wasteful; extravagant; lavish
    • profuse in giving; exceedingly abundant
  27. replete
    • plentifully supplied; abounding
    • filled to satisfaction; gorged
  28. surfeit
    • an excessive amount
    • overindulgence in food or drink
    • to feed or supply to fullness or excess; satiate
  29. tumult
    • a disorderly, noisy movement of people
    • noise and commotion, as of a crowd
    • agitation of the mind or emotions
  30. voluminous
    • having great volume, fullness, size, or number
    • of unusual length in speech or writing
    • filling or capable of filling volumes
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