Art history

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    Power Figure (Nkisi Nkonde)-Kongo-nkisi- spirit figures-most known power figures were the nkonde, which bristle with nails, pins, blades, and other sharp object-nkisi nkonde begins its life as a simple unadoned wooden figure-commissioned by a diviner on behalf of a client who faces and important turning point-deuiner prescribes magical/medicinal ingredients called bilongo, specific to the clients problem-the bilonfo transforms the nkonde into a powerful agent, ready to attack the forces of evil-Bilango ingredients are drawn from plants, animals, and minerals-each ingredients has a unique role-drive a nail into it to get the nkondes attention-nkonde shares a stem with konda meaning "to hunt"-stands in a pose called pakalala, a stance of alertness
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    Devination Basket (NGOMBO)

    • -Chokwe people
    • -plant fiber, seed, stone, horn, shell, bone, metal, feather, and camwood
    • -consult divinders (nganga) to disclose the sources of problems such as death, illness, impotence, sterility and theft
    • -shallow covered basket (ngomboya kusekula) containing a variety of natural objects
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    Kuba Funeraly Mask

    • -kuba people perform funerary masquerades to honor deceases men
    • -funeral rights are elaborate because of the belief that the spirit of the recently deseased (mwendu) may bring harm to his family or community if his achievments and status in life are not acknowledged at his funeral
    • -the mwendu may be angered for a varitety of reasons
    • -ngady mwaash (female mask)- non threatening with graceful movements
    • -mask carved from wood
    • -decorated with beads and shells
    • -ngady mwash is always performed by a man represent wealth and high status
    • Bwoom
    • - masked figure
    • - carries a short sword exudes power and restrained aggression
    • - jabbing of swords during dance
  4. Confucianism
    -influential in china

    • to become confucius you would have to go through:
    • 1. social system
    • 2. stressing comformity
    • 3. tradition

    • ren-human-heartedness
    • li-etiquette
    • justice
  5. Daoism
    • -mystical, creative, spiritual, inner life
    • -daoism means path or way goal is to live in harmony, universal life force
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