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  1. Describe Windsor, Nova Scotias explanation for being birthplace of hockey.
    • -They discovered sticks, skates, net, pucks, goal net
    • -Field hockey/cricket influence hurley then evolved into ice hockey
    • -It was played in Kings College on Windsors Long Pong
    • - the game eventually spread to NB, Montreal, and to the West Coast.
  2. Describe the historians rule out of Windsor as the town of hockey birthplace.
    • -Earl Zukerman called it dishonest
    • -hockey evolved from recreational pursuit in Halifax and the sport was given rules in Montreal.
    • - Windsor had no evidence to support their claim
    • - hockey was played outdoors with hundreds of people, no goaltenders
    • -Kitchen proves that Montreal had the first recorded indoor game in Victoria Skating Rink.
    • -SIHR said that Windsors claim is based on a piece of fiction written by Haliburton.
    • -
  3. How did hockey happen?
    Went from 9-man to 6-man on the ice at one time, it was played on land and ice. Hurley and Shinny have something to do with it.
  4. Age of Longing summary
    • Grace bought her own house
    • She got married to Ross (Buddy)
    • They had a kid
    • Ross played pro hockey in Montreal
    • In a few games he gets cut
    • He moves back
    • Sells used cards
    • Drinks
    • Gets divorced
    • Moves to Toronto
  5. To An Athlete Dying Young paraphrase.
    Friend is carrying a casket of his deceased friend who was a runner. Envious of all his accomplishments, victories, distinctions. The friend is reflecting on his own achievements and how they were overshadowed by others. He is jealous he died young.
  6. To An Athlete Dying Young themes.
    • View on death
    • (accomplishments happen when your young and early in life. Nobody can beat your achievements if you arent there to experience it. You will not be beaten out or forgotton, or faded on ones lifes work. You will not have the feeling of being beat. It is odd that his friend is jealous he died young..
  7. Hockey Dreams narrator?
    3rd person omniscient.
  8. Hockey Dreams characters
    father and son, both 3D
  9. Hockey Dreams themes
    Fulfilling dreams (even if its through another person)
  10. Hokkanens Move narrator?
    3rd person limited.
  11. Hokkanens Move characters
    • Doug Kazlor- 3D, enforcer, loyal to team, tries to use fancy move, plays for Raleigh Flyers
    • Rikard Hakkanen- 2D, arrogant, good player
    • Frank Stonewald- 2D, stereotypical role of loud mouth enforcer on opposing team.
  12. Hokkanens Move theme
    • Challenging yourself, wanting to improve.
    • Know your role on the team
    • Barriers in life
    • Team loyalty
    • Know your limits.
  13. Goalie narrator?
    1st person
  14. Goalie characters
    • Father- 3D, narrating the story and addressing the audience, wants to help his child when hes hurt or sad.
    • Goalie- always angry, sad, hurt, but is maturing and is showing he will never give up. Example is practise which shows him breaking the barrier of being a child and becoming an adult.
  15. Goalie theme
    • Communication between father and son
    • what it takes to be a goalie
    • what the fathers role is and the sons role is
  16. Woman Behind the Mask narrator
    3rd person limited.
  17. Woman Behind the Mask characters
    • Terry Chamberlain- 3D, undergoes change, insight to his thoughts and feelings , how far will he go in order to achieve his goals.
    • George Kerr- 2D, reporter, no insight to thoughts, tells him to get mask painted.
    • Michelle Brunsell- 2D paints masks
    • Art Belanger- 2D team equitment manager, commits suicide
  18. Woman Behind the Mask climax
    • When Terry decides to not wear the mask.
    • "The cougar, ram, and Michelle skated with him"
    • what does that say?
  19. Woman Behind the Mask theme
    • How far one will go in order to win/succeed
    • Superstitions
    • Trust
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