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  1. What is another name for Aerobic power?
    Cardiovascular Endurance
  2. What is Aerobic power?
    • Excercise for long periods of time
    • Measures ability to take oxygen into lungs
    • Transfers blood
    • Pumps blood through body
    • 70-80% Max HR
    • Transfers oxygen and nutrients to tissues and produces energy with oxygen
  3. What is Anaerobic power?
    • Speed
    • The extent you can perform a movement quickly without oxygen
  4. What is Muscular Strength?
    • Maximum force muscles can exert
    • Sustain against a resistance for a single contraction or short period of time
  5. What is Muscular Endurance?
    Ability to use your muscles against reasonable resistance over a period of time
  6. What is Muscular power?
    • Combination of strength and speed
    • Strenth X Speed = Muscular Power
  7. What is Flexibility?
    Range of movement your limbs have within your joints
  8. What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?
    • Percentage of fat compared to the other tissues such as muscular and bone in your body
    • 15% for Males and 22% for Females
  9. What is Agility?
    Ability to change direction quickly and control your whole body
  10. What is Fitness?
    A persons ability to perform everyday tasks and if necessary to perform aditional tasks
  11. What is Coordination?
    Group of muscles working together to bringing about a purposeful movement
  12. What is Reaction Time?
    The time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to the stimulus
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