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  1. What does F.I.T.T Stanf for?
    • Frequency
    • Intensity
    • Time
    • Type
    • Progressive Overload
  2. What is Frequency?
    • Refers to number of training days over a week
    • Periods of rest to allow the body to repair and adapt
    • Endurance or aerobic athletes 3-5 days per week
    • Marathon runner athletes require 6-7 days per week
    • Non endurance or aerobic athletes - Minimum 3 days and a Maximum of 5 days
  3. What is Intensity?
    • Refers to amount of effort that should be invested into a trainging program or session
    • Intensity is measured using you HR
    • Endurance athletes work at 70-85% of Max HR
    • Non endurance athletes reaching close to max HR (90-100%)
    • Intensity must be focused o overloading the body, but not overtraining it
    • For resistance training, intensity can be altered by changing...
  4. What is Time?
    • Refers to exercise duration and recovery time
    • eg. Sessions between 40-60 minutes
    • Refers to the number of weeks a programme should run for to achieve a gain
    • Minimum of 12-18 weeks is suggested for aerobic activities
    • Minimum of 6 weeks is suggested for anaerobic activities
  5. What is Type?
    • Important to train the specific muscle groups and fitness components relevant to your sport
    • Train the areas you have tested and found to be weak
  6. What is Progressive Overload?
    • To achieve a gain, the athlete must increase the exercise intensity/effort/workload past what was previously reached
    • In simple terms the athlete must work a little harder to force the body to adapt and improve
    • eg. If lifting weights add a little extra each time you train
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