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  1. Peremptory
    Final; categorical; dictatorial
  2. Perennial
    Continual, happening again and again or year after year
  3. Perfidy
  4. Perfunctory
    Unenthusiastic, careless
  5. Periphery
    The outside edge of something
  6. Perjury
    Lying under oath
  7. Permeate
    To spread or seep through, to penetrate
  8. Pernicious
    Deadly, extremely evil
  9. Perquisite
    A privilege that goes along with a job, a perk
  10. Pertinent
    Relevant, dealing with the matter at hand
  11. Perturb
    To disturb greatly
  12. Peruse
    To read carefully
  13. Pervade
    To spread throughout
  14. Petulant
    Rude, cranky, ill-tempered
  15. Philanthropy
    Love of mankind
  16. Philistine
    A smugly ignorant person with no appreciation of intellectual or artistic matters
  17. Pious
    Reverent or devout, outfly, and sometimes falsely, reverent or devout. Hypocritical.
  18. Pivotal
  19. Placate
    To pacify, to appease, to soothe
  20. Plaintive
    Expressing sadness or sorrow
  21. Platitude
    A dull or trite remark, a cliché
  22. Plebeian
    Common, vulgar, low class, bourgeois
  23. Plethora
    Am excess
  24. Poignant
    Painfully emotional, extremely moving, sharp or astute
  25. Polarize
    To break up into opposing factions or groupings
  26. Polemic
    A powerful argument often made to attack or refute a controversial issue
  27. Ponderous
    So large as to be clumsy, massive, dull
  28. Portent
    An omen, a sign of something coming in the future
  29. Postulate
    Something accepted as true without proof, and axiom
  30. Pragmatic
    Practical, down to earth, based on experience rather than theory
  31. Precedent
    An earlier example or model of something
  32. Precept
    A rule to live by, a principle establishing a certain kind of action or behavior, a maxim
  33. Precipitate
    • To cause to happen abruptly
    • Unwisely hasty or rash
  34. Precipitous
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