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  1. What are the components of energy systems?
    • Anaerobic (without oxygen)
    • Aerobic (with oxygen)
  2. What is Anaerobic?
    • Without oxygen
    • ATP/PC energy system
    • Lactic acid energy system
  3. What is Aerobic?
    • With oxygen
    • Aerobic energy system
  4. What does ATP stand for?
    Adensine Tri Phosphate
  5. What is ATP?
    • The energy we use in our bodies
    • when were talking about fitness we don't use energy we use ATP
  6. What does ATP/PC energy system stand for?
    • ATP: Adenosine Tri Phosphate/ Phospho Creatine Energy system
    • Used for a very short duration (1-10 seconds)
    • Used for very short, powerful movements
    • Does not use oxygen
    • Uses stored energy called ATP from inside muscle cells
    • ATP= Adenosine + Phosphate + Phosphate + Phosphate
  7. What is Lactic acid energy system?
    • Takesover the supply of energy when the ATP/PC system is fatigued
    • Usually kicks in from 10 seconds to 2 minutes
    • Has a bi product of Lactic acid
    • Cannot Provide as much intensity as the ATP/PC system, but more intensity then the aerobic system
  8. What is the Aerobic Energy System?
    • Energy (ATP) is generated through the consumption of oxygen
    • Used for sub maximal exercise
    • Used for low intensity activities that have a long duration
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