Suprahyoids and Digastric

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  1. Action of Suprahyoids
    • Elevate hyoid and tongue
    • Depress mandible (TMJ)
  2. Origin of Geniohyoid, Mylohyoid
    underside of mandible
  3. origin of stylohoid
    styloid process
  4. insertion of Suprahyoids
    hyoid bone
  5. Action of Digastric
    • depress the mandible (TMJ) with hyoid bone fixed
    • elevate the hyoid blone with hyoid bone fixed
    • retract the mandible (TMJ)
  6. Origin of Digastric
    Mastoid process (deep to the SCM and splenius capitis)
  7. Insertion of Digastric
    Inferior border of mandible
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Suprahyoids and Digastric
Suprahyoids and Digastric
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