food prep pastries and pies

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  1. lamination
    • the arrangement of alternating layers of fat and flour in rolled pastry dough.
    • during baking the fat melts and leaves empty spaces for steam to lift the layers of flour, resulting in a flaky pastry
  2. plain pastry
    pastry made for producing piercrusts, quiches and main dish pies
  3. Glaze
    a sugar coated icing poured over pies or pastreis that hardens to provide flavor and structure
  4. puff pastry
    a delicate pastry that puffs up in size during bakng because of many alternating layers of fat and flour
  5. streusel topping
    a crunchy flavorful topping that can be strewn over the top fo pies , made by combining flour, butter, or margarine, brown sugar ,and possibly spices and chopped nuts walnuts or almonds
  6. Mealy
    a pastry with grainy or less flay texture, created by coating all of the flour with fat
  7. Blind bake
    to bake an unfilled piecrust
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