Radiology test 1

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  1. author Godspeed
    discovedred actual x-ray, no medical significance 1895
  2. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
    discovered x-rays caould be used fo diagnostics
  3. X-ray
    electromagnetic radiation
  4. Electromagnetic radiation
    method of transporting energy through space, distinguised by wavelength, frequency, and energy
  5. what are two characteristics of Electro. Rad.
    • -particals (proton neutron electron)
    • -waves
  6. Generation of an x-ray
    fastmoving electrons collide with matte, energy from the electrons from cathode are attracted to the anode
  7. Xray bean
    bundle of energy (photons) and travel in the form of a wave
  8. object density low to high
    • LOW-Air (black)
    • Fat (dark grey)
    • Tissues of water density
    • HIGH-Bone
    • Enamel and metal
  9. Limits
    parts of the body not necessarily seen of felt but are the desired edges of that particular body part that needs to be included in the primary beam
  10. landmarks
    parts of the body that you can see of palpate to make sure that the primary beam includes proper limits for that body part
  11. Thorax Limits
    • CR:thoracic inlet
    • CA:diaphragm
    • D: DSP of the thoracic vertebrae
    • V: sternum
  12. Thoraxic Landmarks
    • CR: manubrium
    • Ca: xiphiod process
    • D: DSP of the thoracic vertebrae
    • V: sternum
  13. Abdomen Limits
    • CR: diaphragm
    • CA:Pelvic inlet
    • D: DSP of the lumbar vertebrae
    • V: belly wall
  14. Abdomen Landmarks
    • CR: Xiphoid process
    • CA: Wings of the ilium
    • D: DSP of the L vertebrae
    • V: belly wall
  15. Whole body Limits
    • CR: thoracic inlet
    • CA: pelvic inlet
    • D: DSP of the L or T vertebrae
    • V: sternum or belly wall
  16. Whole body landmarks
    • CR: manubrium
    • CA: wings of the ilium
    • D: DSAP of the L vertebrae
    • V: belly wall or sternum
  17. Pelvis Limits
    • CR: Pelvic inlet
    • CA: Ischiatic tuberosity
    • D: None
    • V: none
  18. Pelvic landmarks
    • CR: wings of the ilium
    • CA: ischiatic tuberosity
    • D: none
    • C: none
  19. Cervical spine limits
    • CR: C1
    • CA: C7
  20. Cervical spine landmarks
    • Cr: wings of the atlas
    • Ca: cranial part of the dorsal tips of the scapula
  21. Throracic spine limits
    • Cr: T1
    • Ca: T13
  22. Thoracic Spine landmarks
    • CR: cranial part of the dorsal tips of the scapula
    • Ca: 13th rib
  23. Lumbar Spine limits
    • CR: L1
    • CA: L7
  24. Lumbar spine landmarks
    • CR:13th rib
    • Ca: wings of the ilium
  25. T/L junction Limits
    • CR: T11
    • CA: L2
  26. T/L junction Landmarks
    • CR: 13th rib and count cranial to 9th or 10th
    • CA: 13th rib anc count caudal to L3
  27. Body Cavitys
    • skull
    • spine
    • thorax
    • abdomen
    • pelvis
  28. Extemities
    • bones
    • joints
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