Urinary System

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  1. What are the parts of the Urinary System?
    • 2 kidneys
    • 2 ureters
    • 1 urinary bladder
    • 1 urethra
  2. Remaining water & solutes after blood plasma filtering
  3. Nephrology
    Scientific study of kidneys
  4. Urology
    Branch of medicine that deals with male & female urinary systems
  5. Describe the Kidney
    Reddish, kidney bean shaped organs

    Retrioperitoneal – Positioned posterior to peritoneum of abdominal cavity

    • Between T12 & L3 vertebrae
    • Protected by 11th& 12th pairs of ribs

    Right kidney is slightly lower than left because liver occupies space superior
  6. What are the functions of th kidney?
    • Regulation of Blood Ionic Composition
    • Regulate Blood pH
    • Regulation of Blood Volume
    • Maintenance of Blood Osmolarity
    • Production of Hormones
    • Regulation of Blood Glucose Level
    • Excretion of Waste & Foreign Substances
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