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  1. What are the functions of Congress?
    • present bills
    • represent their constituents
    • gives advice and consent
    • ratifties treaties
    • makes a budget
  2. What are the different styles of representation?
    • Delegate: elected Rep. acts in accord to the wishes of constituents
    • Trustee: elected Rep. that uses her/his own judgement
    • these forms of representation are from politician and philosopher Edmund Burke
  3. What is bicameralism?
    • The division of power between the House and Senate
    • They compromise in bills
  4. The House of Representatives
    • Term: 2 yrs
    • Elections: all elected in Nov. of even # yrs- by the ppl
    • # per state: varies by pop.
    • total members: 435
    • min. age: 25
    • unique pwrs: origination of revenue bills, bringing of impeachment charges
  5. The Senate
    • Term: 6yrs
    • Elections: 1/3 elected in Nov. of even # yrs- by the ppl
    • # per state: 2
    • total members: 100
    • min. age: 30
    • unique pwrs: trial of impeachment cases, advice and consent for treaties
  6. Rules and Norms in the House and Senate
    Reciprocity: members of Congress to the judgement on mostly minor technical bills (matter specialists)
  7. Race, Gender, and occupation in Congress
    • Descriptive rep: (statistical rep) the degree to which the composition of a rep. body reflects the demographic comp. of the pop. as a whole
    • women and racial minorities are underrepresented in Congress
    • hispanics less represented than blacks
    • Congress has a better education, come from wealthy families, and are the upper class
  8. How are members of Congress elected?
    • The Incumbency Factor: incumbents win in high numbers, not competitive, win due to redistributing
    • Redistricting: the redrawing of congressional district lines within a state to ensure roughly = pop. w/in each district
    • -> partisan: advantage of the redistributing process
    • Gerrymandering: draw lines to help candidatesor party win elections
    • majority-minority districts: districts drawn to ensure that a racial minority makes up the majority of votes
  9. House Leadership
    • Speaker- John Boehner (under VP in Pres. succession)
    • Majority and Minority leader under speaker
  10. Senate
    • (VP and Dean of Congress)
    • Pres. pro-tempor = majority leader
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