Health Assessment

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  1. Prefixes
    Hyster/hystero = uterus
  2. Salpingo
    Salpingo = Fallopian tube
  3. Oophor
    Oophor = Ovary
  4. Cysto
    Cysto = Bladder
  5. Recto
    Recto = Rectum
  6. Lap
    Lap = Abdomen
  7. Suffixes:
    Cele = swelling, hernia or tumor
  8. Ectomy
    Ectomy = removal of
  9. Itis
    Itis = inflammation
  10. Scopy= examination with a scope
    Scopy = examination with a scope
  11. Gram
    Gram = radiographic procedure usually involving dye injection
  12. Gravida (G)
    Gravida (G)= pregnancy
  13. ¨Para (P) or
    Term (FT or PT)
    ¨Para (P) or Term (FT or PT) = infants delivered
  14. Abortions (Ab)
    Abortions(Ab) = pregnancy termination
  15. Menarche
    Menarche = menstrual cycle started
  16. Menorrrhagia
    Menorrrhagia = heavy menses
  17. Amenorrhea
    Amenorrhea = no menses
  18. Dysmenorrhea
    Dysmenorrhea = difficult menses
  19. Menopause
    Menopause = cessation of menses
  20. STD or STI
    • STD = sexually transmitted disease
    • STI = sexually transmitted infection
  21. Are the following parts internal or external anatomy Pudendum or vulva, Mons pubis, Clitoris, Labia majora, Labia minora,Vestibule: urethral meatus, opening of Skene’s glands, hymen, vaginal orifice, opening of Bartholin’s glands & frenulum Perineum Anus?
    External Anatomy
  22. What is the purpose if the clitoris?
    Sexual Pleasure
  23. Which Labia is on the outter surface of the vagina majora or minora?
    • Labia majora
    • Labia minora is under or interrior to the majora
  24. The Mons pubis in located just above the anus T or F?
    False- Tthe Mons pubis is the area at the top of the pubis region where the majority of the hair is located.
  25. The urethral meatus, opening of Skene’s glands, hymen, vaginal orifice, opening of Bartholin’s glands & frenulum are all found in the ___________?
  26. The perineum is located between the anus and the fernulum? T or F
    True the perineum space of skin located between the anus and the vaginal opening.
  27. What are the Pudendum or vulva?
    Pudendum or vulva is the external genital organs of a human being and especially of a woman —usually used in plural
  28. Which of the following are internal anatomy ck all that apply?
    ___Recto uterine pouch
    ___ Mons pubis
    ___Labia majora
    ___Labia minora
    ___urethral meatus
    ___Posterior fornix
    ___Fallopian tube
    • Vagina: rugae enable dilation for birth
    • Cervix: smooth pink stratified epithelium
    • Recto uterine pouch
    • Posterior fornix
    • Uterus
    • Bladder
    • Ovary
    • Fallopian tube
    • Rectum
  29. Menarche occurs in the early half of puberty T or F?
    False - Menarche Occurs in the latter half of puberty
  30. What is the onset of menses
    Starting of the menstrual cycle
  31. What is asspicated with an increase in the incidence of brest cancer and femael organs?
    Early menarche accompanied with by Menstrual cycle or menses.
  32. Women typically start Menopause between ages 35-60 typically 40's - 50's. Menopause is preceded by 1-2 years of increased ovarian functions resulting in changes in the mestrual flow and pattern. T or F
    F- Preceded by 1-2 years of reduced ovarian function resulting in changes in menstrual flow and pattern
  33. Reduced estrogen causes which of the following?
    a. Drying
    b. Enlarged vagina
    c. Uterus shrinkage
    d. orarian atrophy
    e. sacral ligaments tighten
    f. curvix lengthens
    g. Sexual desires decrease
    • Results of reduced estrogen:
    • a. drying
    • b. NO shrinkage of the vagina
    • c. uterus shrinks
    • d. ovarian atrophy
    • e. NO - sacral ligament relax
    • f. NO - the cervix shortens
    • g. No - there is no change in sexual desire & need for sexual expression, there is also Difficulty finding a socially acceptable partner
  34. A smaller mons pubis, decrease in Labia & clitoris size & thinning of pubic hair is common for
    Middle age
    These finding are typical in Older women
  35. What position are clients placed in when performing a pap smear?
    Lithotomy position
  36. What exercise can help reduce or eliminate Cystocele (bladder prolapse) S&S: vaginal pressure, stress incontinence Anterior bulging?
    kegel exercise
  37. Items needed when Labeling specimens?
    • Date specimen collected
    • Woman’s date of birth
    • Date of last menstrual period
    • Hormone administration
    • If pregnant, estimated date of delivery
    • Known infections
    • Prior surgery or radiation
    • Prior abnormal cytology
    • Abnormal physical assessment findings
  38. Saline mount or “wet prep”- sample of discharge is spread on a slide, add a drop of saline then a cover slip KOHprep: a drop of potassium chloride rather than saline is placed on discharge sample are samples of test prep for what?
    Specimens for STDs
  39. Sterile cotton tip applicator saturated by rotating it360 degrees in the osof the cervix, placed in a container¨AnalCulture: Swab the anal canal by inserting it about 1 cm with a sterile cottontip applicator, leave in place for 10-20 sec. If contaminated with feces, tryagain5%acetic acid wash: is needed to prepair for which STD 's?
    Gonorrhea(GC)/Chlamydia culture
  40. Paint cervix with the washing using a sterile cottonrectal swab, if whitening or blanching occurs especially with irreg is done for which STD?
    For HPV
  41. When would you do the following?
    Give woman tissues to wipe the area (or wipe the area for her) Remind or assist her in sliding her hips back from the edge of the exam table before assuming a sitting position
    Ask her if she has any questions or concerns.
    Document findings?
    After the Exam
  42. Do you inspect or palpate the labia, skene's and bartholins glands?
    Palpate labia, Skene;s & Bartholin’s glands, preform a bimanual palpation of cervix, uterus & adnexa
  43. What instrument do you use to inspect the cervix & vagina?
  44. What are some of the reasons specimens are collected?
    Pap smear, cytology studies & cultures, Occult blood testing of stool if present
  45. Rectovaginal exam should be done at the same time as the brest exam. T- F
    Fasle do with pap.
  46. What is the one thing physicians should do between the vaginal and rectal exam?
    Change Gloves.
  47. Normal findings for Bimanual Exam is which of the following?
    Should be able to feel the ovary
    Clear ordoless drainage on the gloves after exam
    • Normal not to feel the ovary
    • Examiner checks secretions on fingers before discarding the gloves for clear & odorless drainage
  48. The specilum should not be touched by anything after opening and prior to incerting it into the vagina.
    False it is ok to run under warm water
  49. What three things would you have your client do prior to her papsmear?
    • Empty bladder
    • Ask if want family member, friend or chaperone present
    • Instruct her to inform you of any pain or discomfort during the exam
  50. List the thing you would prepair before having client remover her clothes and sit on the table for her papsmear?
    • Gloves
    • Protective clothing
    • Strong light source
    • Appropriate sized speculum: Graves, Pederson, Pediatric
    • Large cotton tip applicators
    • Materials for cytologic studies
    • Lubricant
    • Glass slide with frosted end
    • Sterile cytobrush or cotton-tipped applicator
    • Ayres spatula
    • Spray fixative
    • Specimen container for GC/Chlamydia
    • Small bottle of NS, KOH & acetic acid (white vinegar)
  51. The graves speculum is the size you would use for a small child? T- F
    • False - Pediatric is for small children
    • Appropriate sized speculum: Graves, Pederson, Pediatric
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