Virology Unit 5

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  1. ds DNA viruse families
    • papoviruses
    • adenoviruses
    • herpesviruses
    • poxviruses (reproduce in cytoplasm/ use own enzymes)
  2. Common pattern of dsDNA viruses
    Early genes expressed immediately upon infection produce nonstructural regulatory proteins that promote transcription and replication.

    Late genes transcribed after DNA replication has begun and code structural components.
  3. Papovaviruses
    • polyomavirinae and papillomavirinae: subfamilies
    • Smallest dsDNA viruses
    • Icosahedral/ No envelope/ Circular dsDNA
    • Enter by endocytic vesicle to nucleus to uncoat
    • Differential splicing prod diff mRNA from one transcript
  4. N-terminus
    The start of a protein or polypeptide terminated by an amino acid with a free amine group (-NH2)
  5. C-terminus
    The end of an amino acid chain (protein orpolypeptide), terminated by a free carboxyl group (-COOH).
  6. T antigen
    • Large T antigen mediates shift from early to late transcription.
    • Feedback regultion: binds to promotor of its own gene supressing transcription.
    • Has ATPase, adenylate & helicase activity in replication.
    • Interacts with cell proteins to control DNA replication
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