Respiratory System

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  1. Apnea
    cessation of breathing
  2. asthma
    wheezing resulting from obstruction of the bronchi or spasm of smooth muscle
  3. atelectasis
    collapse of a lung
  4. bradypnea
    abnormally slow rate of breathing
  5. bronchiestasis
    chronic dilation of one or more bronchi
  6. bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchi
  7. consolidation
    process in which liquid or solid replacement of lung parenchyma as exudates from an inflammatory condition is amassed
  8. crackles
    discrete, noncontinous sound resembling fine crackling heard through a stethoscope
  9. crepitus
    dry, crackling sound
  10. dyspnea
    difficult or labored respiration
  11. emphysema
    condition involving entrapment of air within tissue
  12. fremitus
    palpable vibration
  13. hyperpnea
    increased depth of respiration
  14. hyperventilation
    increase in rate and depth of respiration
  15. intercostal space
    space between two ribs
  16. orthopnea
    dyspnea that begins or increases when one lies down
  17. parenchyma
    tissue of an organ as distinguished from supporting or connective tissue
  18. paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
    sudden onset of dyspnea after a period of lying down
  19. percussion
    technique used to evaluate size, borders, and consistency of certain internal organs and determine presence of air or fluid
  20. pleural effusion
    fluid of any kind in the pleutal cavity
  21. pleurisy
    pleural inflammation accompanied by pain
  22. rhonchi
    wheezing or snoring sounds produced by airflow across a partially constricted air passage
  23. tachypnea
    rapid respiratory rate
  24. wheeze
    high-pitched musical rhonchi
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