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  1. biomass energy
    the energy produced from organic materials (wood, ran, manure)
  2. biofuels
    liquid fuels form biomass sources (ethanol and biodiesel)
  3. ethanol
    a biofuel produced by the fermentation of starches (corn) or sugars with the result of pure alcohol
  4. gasohol
    blend of gasoline and alcohol
  5. biodiesel
    a biofuel produced from vegetable oil
  6. biopower
    electricity that is generated by the combustion of biomass
  7. geothermal energy
    type of renewable energy that is generated deep within the earth; produced by the breakdown of radioactive elements and high pressure together
  8. ground-source heat pump
    a network of pipes that circulates water from the ground (for heating) and back into the ground (for cooling)
  9. hydropower
    (hydroelectric power) electricity generated from the energy of moving water
  10. tidal energy
    electricity generated from the movement of the tides
  11. ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)
    the process that converts the thermal energy in ocean water to electrical energy that people can use
  12. passive solar heating
    involves designing a building to collect, store, and distribute the sun's energy naturally
  13. active solar heating
    system that uses technology to collect, move, store heat derived from the sun
  14. flat-plate solar collector
    a metal box that absorbs the sun's energy to heat water or air
  15. photovoltaic (PV) cell
    a device that converts solar energy directly into electricity
  16. concentrating solar power (CSP)
    a technology that uses mirrors to focus sunlight in order to generate electricity
  17. wind turbine
    a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy, or energy of motion, into electrical energy
  18. wind farms
    where wind turbines are built most often in groups
  19. electrolysis
    a process that releases hydrogen by using an electric current to break down water molecules
  20. fuel cell
    a device that converts hydrogen or another fuel into electricity
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