Ear Cytology

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  1. What are some reason why we do ear cytology?
    • scratching
    • head shaking
    • odor
    • discharge, red swollen
    • hair loss around ears
  2. What do we expect to find in the ears?
    • yeast
    • bacteria
    • mites
    • foreign bodies
    • trauma
    • tumors
    • aural hematoma
  3. What are the three parts of an otoscope?
    • handle
    • head
    • cone
  4. What are the different types of otoscope heads?
    • light
    • lens
  5. What does the handle of an otoscope contain?
    • batteries
    • on-off rheostat
  6. What do we use to clean ears?
    dilute betadine
  7. What color should the betadine be?
    weak tea
  8. What size syringe do we use to clean ears?
    6 cc syringe
  9. Does the betadine stain?
  10. Should we massage the animals ears after cleaning?
  11. Is it okay for the animal to shake its head after cleaning?
  12. How do we perform an ear cytology?
    • roll swab on 2 different slides
    • one slide put mineral oil
    • the other slide stain with diff quik (heat fix before staining)
    • label left and right if bilateral

  13. What is this?
    overgrowth of bacteria (cocci)

  14. What is this?
    Malassezia dermatiditis (yeast)

  15. What is this?
    Otodectes cynotis

  16. What is this?
    Otodectes cynotis egg

  17. What is this?
    Psoroptes cuniculi (rabbit ear mites)

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Ear Cytology
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