PSYC 355 Chapt 14 Part 2

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  1. What is a nightmare?
    a long, frightful dream that awakens the sleeper from REM sleep
  2. What is a night terror?
    a sudden arousal from stage 3 or stage 4 SWS that is marked by intense fear and autonomic activation
  3. What is a sleep cycle?
    a period of SWS followed by a period of REM sleep. In humans, a sleep cycle lasts 90 to 110 mins
  4. What is sleep deprivation?
    the partial or total prevention of sleep
  5. What is sleep recovery?
    the process of sleeping more than normally after a period of sleep dep, as though in compensation
  6. What is an ecological niche?
    the unique assortment of environmental opportunities and challenges to which each organism is adapted.
  7. What is a general anesthetic?
    a drug that renders an individual unconscious
  8. What is an isolated brain?
    an experimental prep where the animals brainstem is separated from the spinal cord by a cut below the medulla
  9. what is an isolated FOREBRAIN?
    an experimental preparation where the animals nervous system is cut in the upper midbrain-dividing the forebrain from the brain stem
  10. What is the basal forebrain?
    a ventral region in the forebrain that has been implicated in sleep
  11. what is the tuberomammillary nucleus?
    a region of the basal hypothalamus, near the pituitary stalk that plays a role in generating SWS
  12. What is reticular formation?
    an extensive region of the brain stem that extends from the medulla through the thalamus involved in arousal.
  13. What is narcolepsy?
    a disorder involving frequent, intense episodes of sleep which last from 5 to 30 minutes and can occur at anytime during waking hours.
  14. What is cataplexy?
    sudden loss of muscle tone, leading to collapse of the body without loss of consciouness
  15. what is hypocretins?
    neuropeptides produced in the hypothalamus that are incolced in switching between sleep states, in narcolepsy, and in the control of teh appetite.
  16. What is sleep paralysis?
    a state during the transition to or from sleep in which the ability to move or talk is temporarily lost.
  17. What is sleep enuresis?
  18. What is somnambulism?
  19. What is REM behaviour disorder (RBD)?
    a sleep disorder in which a person physically acts out a dream
  20. What is a sleep state misperception?
    A persons perception that he has not been asleep when in fact he was. Typically occurs at the start of a sleep episode.
  21. What is sleep onset insomnia?
    difficulty in falling asleep
  22. What is sleep maintenance insomnia?
    difficulty in staying asleep
  23. What is sleep apnea?
    a sleep disorder where respiration slows or stops periodically waking the patient.
  24. What is sudden infant death syndrom (SIDS)?
    the sudden, unexpected death of an apparently healthy baby who apparently stops breathing during sleep
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