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  1. additive
    a substance added to another substance to improve its action
  2. analgesic
    given for relief of pain
  3. anaphylaxis
    hypersensitive reaction of the body to a drug or foreign organism
  4. antibiotic
    checmical substance produced by microorganism that can kill or inhabit bacteria or other microoganisms in the body
  5. anticoaglant
    a drug that prevents formation of clots in blood vessels
  6. anti-emetic
    an agent which reduces nausea and/or prevents vomitting
  7. antidote
    a agent given to counteract an unwanted effect of a drug
  8. barbiturate
    a sedative and hypnotic drug
  9. amphetamine
    central nervous system stimulant
  10. brand name/trade name
    commercial name for a drug
  11. chemical name
    chemcial formula of a drug
  12. contraindications
    factors in the patient's condition which prevent the use of a particular drug or treatment because of unwanted result
  13. enteric coated
    special coat tablet allows to dissolve in the intestine and not in stomach
  14. generic name
    legal non-commercial name for a drug
  15. Laxative
    a food or chemical substance which acts to loosen bowels
  16. narcotic
    habit-forming drug which relieves pain and produces stupor or insensiblility
  17. placebo
    inactive substance
  18. purgative
    an agent that cause watery evacuation of intestinal contents
  19. sedative
    a mild hyponotic drug; relaxing without necessarily producing sleep
  20. stimulant
    an agent which excites and promotes functional activity
  21. suppository
    cone-shaped objects contacining medication which are inserted into rectum, vagina, or urthera
  22. side effect
    any unwanted effect which routinely results from the use of a drug
  23. tolerance
    ccondition of becoming resistant to the drugs
  24. toxicity
    harmful effects of a drug to the degree of posionous
  25. tranquilizer
    drug used to control anxiety
  26. Compendium of pharmaceutical and specialites
    lists drugs used in canada, most frequently used reference for drug information, spelling, action, dosage, sides effects, and manufacturer
  27. white pages
    product monographs a listings of all druges that shows the all information of individaul drug's characteristics
  28. blue pages
    clinical information on how to use the drugs safely and effectively
  29. green pages
    brand and generic names help find its counter name
  30. pink pages
    therapeutic a guide to help find drugs to treat certain disease or condition before recommending or prescriping to patient
  31. yellow pages
    directory a list of contact info of position contral, health organzations, pharmaceutical manufactoreurs/distributors
  32. coloured photographic pages
    product identification images of druges to help identify them better
  33. Pharmacology
    the study of drugs, sources, nature, and properties
  34. pharmacy
    the science or practice of the preparation and dispensing of medicinal drugs
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