HS015-Exam 3

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  1. Secure Attachment Style
    Adults who have positive views of relationships, find it easy to get close to others, and are not overly concerned or stressed out about their romantic relationships
  2. Avoidant Attachment Style
    Avoidant individuals are hesitant about getting involved in romantic relationships and once in a relationship tend to distance themselves from their partner
  3. Anxious Attachment Style
    These individuals demand closeness, are less trusting, and are more emotional, jealous, and possesive
  4. Consensual Validation
    Our own attitudes and behaviorss are supported and validated when someone else's attitudes and behaviors are similar to our own
  5. Matching Hypothesis
    States that altough we prefer a more attractive person in the abstract, in the real world we end up choosing someone who is close to our own level
  6. Intimacy
    Self-disclosure and the sharing of private thoughts
  7. Romantic love
    Also called passionate love or eros, romantic love has strong sexual and infatuation components and often predominates in the early period of a love relationship
  8. Affectionate love
    Also called companionate love, an individual desires to have the other person near and has a deep, caring affection for the other person
  9. Consumate love
    Which involves all three dimensions
  10. Infatuated
    An affair or a fling, with little intimacy and commitment in the relationship
  11. Affectionate love
    A relationship marked by intimacy and commitment but low or lacking in passion
  12. Fatuous love
    When passion and commitment are present but intimacy is not
  13. Cohabitation
    Refers to living together in a sexual relationship without being married
  14. Rapport talk
    is the language of conversation; it is a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships
  15. Report talk
    is talk that is designed to give information, which includes public speaking
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