Effect of Light on Plants

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  1. What do plants that have grown without light look like?
    • They are tall and spindly
    • They have small, curled, yellow leaves and long internodes
  2. What is the word to describe a plant that has grown without light?
  3. If the light source is from one side, then the plant grows towards the light. This is called...?
    Positive phototropism
  4. What is a photoperiod?
    The length of the day (period of illumination)
  5. The response shown by plants to changes in the photoperiod is called...?
  6. Where in the plant is this light stimulus detected?
    In the leaves
  7. What are the three types of plants?
    • Long day plants
    • Short day plants
    • Day-neutral plants
  8. When do long day plants flower?
    When the period of illumination exceeds a critical minimum length
  9. When do short day plants flower?
    When the period of illumination is less than a critical maximum length
  10. What effect does photoperiod have on day-neutral plants?
    It has no effect
  11. Where do long day plants tend to live and when do they flower?
    • Nearer the poles
    • Flower in the summer
  12. Where do short day plants tend to live and when do they flower?
    • Near the equator
    • Flower all year long (or in temperate regions start of spring or end of autumn)
  13. What is the biological significance of light triggering when plants flower?
    • All members of a species produce flowers at the same time of year
    • Cross-pollination can occur on a large scale which increases variation amongst offspring

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Effect of Light on Plants
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