Sexual Assault

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  1. What is the purpose of the Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program?.
    The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program reinforces the Army's commitment to eliminate incidents ofsexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victimadvocacy, response,reporting, and accountability
  2. The Army's policy on Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program applies where and when?
    • This policy applies --
    • Both on and off post and during duty and non-duty hours.
    • To working, living, and recreational environments (including both on- and off-post housing).
  3. What are the goals of the Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program?
    • Create a climate that minimizes sexual assault incidents, which impact Army personnel, Army civilians, and family members, and, if an incident should occur, ensure that victims and subjects are treated according to Armypolicy.
    • Create a climate that encourages victims to report incidents of sexual assault without fear.
    • Establish sexual assault prevention training and awareness programs to educate Soldiers.
    • Ensure sensitive and comprehensive treatment to restore victims’ health and well-being.
    • Ensure leaders understand their roles and responsibilities regarding response to sexual assault victims, thoroughlyinvestigate allegations of sexual assault, and take appropriate administrative and disciplinary action.
  4. Define sexual assault.
    Sexual assault is a crime defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse ofauthority or when the victim does not or cannot consent
  5. Sexual assault includes what acts?
    • Rape
    • Non consensual Sodomy (oral or anal sex)
    • Indecent Assault (unwanted, inappropriate sexual contact or fondling)
    • Attempts to commit these acts
  6. More than half of sexual assault offenses include what?
  7. Prevention of sexual harassment is whose responsibility?
    The Commander’s Responsibility
  8. Define the following terms as they apply to the Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program: victim,alleged perpetrator, and perpetrator.
    • Victim - One who has been sexually assaulted.
    • Alleged Perpetrator - One who has been accused of committing a crime (subject).
    • Perpetrator - One who has committed a crime (offender)
  9. What is the Army's policy on sexual assault?
    • Sexual assault is a criminal offense that has no place in the Army. It degrades mission readiness by devastatingthe Army’s ability to work effectively as a team. Every Soldier who is aware of a sexual assault shouldimmediately (within 24 hours) report incidents. Sexual assault is incompatible with Army values and ispunishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and other federal and local civilian laws.
    • The Army will use training, education, and awareness to minimize sexual assault; to promote the sensitivehandling of victims of sexual assault; to offer victim assistance and counseling; to hold those who commit sexualassault offenses accountable; to provide confidential avenues for reporting, and to reinforce a commitment toArmy values.
    • The Army will treat all victims of sexual assault with dignity, fairness, and respect.The Army will treat everyreported sexual assault incident seriously by following proper guidelines. The information and circumstances ofthe allegations will be disclosed on a need-to-know basis only.
    • This policy applies—
    • 1. Both on and off post and during duty and non-duty hours.
    • 2. To working, living, and recreational environments (including both on- and off-post housing).
  10. If someone has been sexually assaulted, to whom may they report the crime?
    • Their chain of command.
    • Medical Treatment Facility.
    • Military Police/Criminal Investigation Division.
    • Chaplains.
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