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  1. Morcillo
    • house made pork blood sausages
    • caldo gallego white bean stew
    • baguette
    • anise chicken liver pate
    • fresh basil

    • caldo gallego: bean stew cannellini beans, chichken stock, thyme, garlic, onion, tomato, carrot, saffron, white wine and olive oil.
    • baguette: udis long thin crusty loaf of french bread, grilled brushed w chimichurri topped with pate
    • Pate: mixture of gound meat and fat minced into spreadable paste. chicken liver, pork fat, garlic, shallot, star anise, fish sauce and butter
  2. congrejo enchilado
    • cornmeal crusted fried softshell crab
    • butter lettuce
    • chili shrimp oil
    • avocado tomotillo pico de gallo
    • chili and vegetable curditos (carrot, daikon, red bell pepper, fresnos)
    • avocado-lime leaf crema agria

    • soft shell crab: blue crab recently molted
    • curditos: traditional spanish/cuban condiment of pickeled chilis
    • Crema Agria: mexican sour cream, folded together with avocado and keffir lime leaf
  3. Pan Seared Sea Scallops
    • roasted sunchoke-golden raisin puree (roasted in butter then pureed with golden raisens, salt and pepper.)
    • chipotle-yuzu marinated grape tomatoes
    • mache
    • truffeld sweet corn nage

    • Sunchoke: aka jerusalem artichoke or the bulb of a sunflower.
    • Mache: aka lambs lettuce a delecate leafy green
  4. Applewood smoked pork chop (bone in)
    salmon creek farms
    all natural, heritage breed
    • Chipotle-hoisen marinated (hoisin, chipotle, ginger, garlic, red onion, black pepper)
    • taro root puree (cream, butter, sugar, salt, black pepper)
    • grilled baby bok choy
    • green apple kimchi (pureed kimichi cabbage, green apple, lime, salt and pepper)
    • habanero-guava bbq sauce (veal/chicken stock, adobo, piloncillo, vinegar, guava, habanero, Maggi seasoning.)
  5. Lemongrass Charbroiled Chicken
    airline all natural chicken breast
    • creamy coconut rice
    • nuoc mam sofrito ( fusion of fish sauce into traditional cuban sofrito. shallot, carrot, pablanos, red bell pepper, oregano, parsely, olie oil, fish sauce and sambal.)
    • mango salsa
    • grilled broccolini

    sofirto: traditional spanish based sauce varies in ingredients usually tomato garlic chilis olive oil and paprika
  6. Achoite Wagyu "Deckle" of ribeye
    • wok tossed oyster mushrooms
    • tomato
    • broccolini
    • crispy pickled onions (yellow onion marinated in vinegar and sugar, fried in seasoned flour.)
    • spicy black bean ginger sauce ( veal stock, chinese black bean, red onion, garlic, ginger, coriander, red chile)
  7. Hanoi Style Cobia
    • tumeric-dill marinated filet
    • cuban style smashed yucca (chipotle ginger mojo)
    • cucumber rice noodle
    • chopped peanuts
    • cilantro
    • chinese black-bean chili sauce (sake, mirin, garlic, serrano, green onion, fish sauce)
  8. Congri
    • jasmine rice
    • black beans
    • sherry vinegar
    • butter
    • salt and pepper
    • pickeled vegetables (diakon, carrot, chives, diakon sprout, freson, red bell pepper.
    • cilantro
  9. lechon asado rice noodles
    • slow roasted pork shoulder
    • carrot
    • bean sprout
    • oyster sauce
    • orange garlic mojo
    • garnish:
    • fresh cucumber, butter lettuce and crispy shallot

    • Lechon: traditional spanish/cuban dish slow cooked pork
    • asado: cooking technique slow roasted/bbq
    • mojo: garlic based sauce with citrus and olive oil
  10. Cinnamon Semifreddo
    • Semi-frozen cinnamon flavored mousse
    • castella cake
    • rice milk sorbet
    • cajeta caramel
    • garnished
    • puffed rice, and candied almond brittle

    • Castella cake: Japanese sponge cake made with sugar, flour, eggs, and honey.
    • Rice milk: Grain milk processed from rice
    • Cajeta:Sheep’s milk caramel
    • Puffed Rice: Best described as Rice Krispies, cooked rice that has been dried then baked.
  11. Warm Orange-Polenta Cake:
    • Upside down orange polenta cake
    • sweet corn ice cream
    • Mexican crema anglaise
    • cilantro coulis
    • freeze dried corn

    • Anglaise: Light custard sauce made with eggs, sugar, and cream.
    • Coulis:Sauce made from pureed vegetables or fruit.
    • Freeze Dried: Process using liquid nitrogen to freeze at extreme negative degrees. In this case the corn is given a very delicate yet crunchy
    • texture.
  12. Modern Mexican Bar
    • Chili spiced Bavarian mousse
    • toasted nougat
    • caramel top
    • chocolate feuillitine crust
    • fleur de sel caramel
    • roasted peanut ice cream

    • Nougat:
    • Whipped egg whites, caramelized sugar, and peanuts. Soft chewy consistency.
    • Fleur de Sel: Translates to flower of the sea, high quality sea salt.
    • Feuillitine: Very thin flaky dried corn crepes, almost like a ultra thin Corn Flake.
  13. Mini Pandan Waffles
    • Three miniature pandan and coconut Belgium waffles
    • coconut ice cream
    • warm yuzu-cherry chutney
    • strawberry-guava coulis

    • Pandan:
    • Southeastern Asian plant, typically used in desserts. Nutty
    • botanical flavor.

    • Chutney:
    • Condiment used in southeast Asian cuisine, consists of spices, vegetables and/or fruit.
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