Patho/Pharm Antidiabetic Agents (Flash cards) Test 3

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  1. What is the treatment for type 1 dabetes?
    insulin therapy
  2. What is the treatment for type 2 diabetes?
    • lifestyle changes
    • oral drug therapy
    • insulin (when above no longer provide glycemic control)
  3. What are two types of antidiabetic drugs?
    • insulin
    • oral hypoglycemic agents
  4. Oral antidiabetic drugs are used for type:
    type 2
  5. If the patient does not make behavioral or lifestyle changes, what will not be effective?
    oral antidiabetic drugs
  6. Antidiabetic agents are used to lower __________ in patients with type 2.
    blood glucose levels
  7. What is the goal of antidiabetic agents?
    To get BG to a correct or normal level
  8. Which class of antidiabetic drugs is most used?
  9. What are six Sulfonylurea drugs?
    • amaryl (glimepiride)
    • diabinase (chlorpropamide)
    • tonilase (tolazamide)
    • orinase (tolbutamide)
    • glucotrol (glipizide)
    • diabeta (glyburide)
  10. What are two Meglitinide drugs?
    • repaglinide (prandin)
    • nateglinide (starlix)
  11. What is one Biguanide drug?
    metformin (glucophage)
  12. What is the first drug a patient may be started on for drug therapy?
    metformin (glucophage)
  13. What drug class is also known as "glitazones"?

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Patho/Pharm Antidiabetic Agents (Flash cards) Test 3
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Patho Pharm Antidiabetic Agents Flash cards Test

Patho/Pharm Antidiabetic Agents (Flash cards) Test 3
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