Chemistry Unit 2 Module 1- Alkanes cycloalkanes

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  1. General Formula for alkanes?
  2. General formula for cycloalkanes?
  3. Why are alkanes and cycloalkanes saturated hydrocarbons?
    They have no multiple bonds in their molecules
  4. What are the bond angles? And Why?
    109.5 . Each carbon atom is the centre of a tetrahedron with other atoms at each of the four corners. So there is maximum seperation of bond pair electrons.
  5. Forces between their molecules?
    They are non-polar so they have weak van der waaal's forces. But these forces increase with the increasing length of the carbon chain.
  6. What happens when alkanes undergo complete combustion?
    They gives off Carbon dioxide and water. Unless of poor ventilation then they also give off carbon monoxide and water.
  7. Melting and boiling points of alkanes?
    The longer the carbon chain the greater the surface area so the greater the van der waals forces. So they have higher boiling points. When the alkanes are branched the surface area is less.
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Chemistry Unit 2 Module 1- Alkanes cycloalkanes
Unit 2 Module 1- Alkanes cycloalkanes
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