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  1. How often to check BS?
    Every 6 hours
  2. What is the clinical manifestation of dumping syndrome?
  3. What is a steroid what makes people eat?
  4. What is a cause of oral cancer?
  5. What is the greatest priority after oral cancer surgery?
    Pain, monitor swelling
  6. People with blood type A have what kind of ulcers?
  7. People with blood type O have what kind of ulcers?
  8. What is important after fat surgery?
    Early ambulation
  9. What is a big cause of diarrhea?
  10. When hernia cannot be manipulated back into place, it is
    irreducible or incarcerated
  11. What do you tell people with diverticulitis?
    No seed foods, increase fiber
  12. What is a risk factor for diverticulitis?
    Old age
  13. What does the liver do?
    Toxic waste dump in the body
  14. What do heparin and Coumadin do?
    Do not thin blood, but act on clotting factors
  15. What may cause itching skin?
    Bile salts
  16. What is the big thing re: liver biopsy?
    Watch for bleeding
  17. What is the most common hep?
  18. What are signs of fluid retention?
    Edema, abdominal girth, increase in BP
  19. People with hep
    need to have 3000 ml of fluid, skin color will return in 2-4 weeks
  20. Who has the highest rate of death from cirrhosis?
  21. What drug makes you poop out ammonia in the liver?
  22. What is left inflated in someone for 24-48 hours?
    Blakemore tube
  23. If a patient�s bilirubin levels are decreasing, what does that mean?
    Liver function is responding
  24. Why should patients with cirrhosis rest?
    So liver can regenerate
  25. If ammonia continues to rise in patient with cirrhosis, diet will need to be modified to restrict
  26. How would a nurse monitor for acites?
    Daily wt, abdominal girth
  27. An increase in ammonia levels contribute to hepatic encephalopathy. As it increases, what nursing intervention should be added?
    Seizure precautions
  28. Pt with hep A should avoid sharing what?
  29. Low sodium diet
    baked chicken, white rice, apple juice
  30. What helps kidneys retain serum?
  31. What precautions do you use for someone what hep B?
  32. What is twisting of the bowel?
  33. If someone had hep b four years ago, what does nurse need to teach?
    Pt becomes carrier
  34. What are signs of peritonitis?
    Increased SED, WBC, hypotension, tachycardia
  35. What is dumping syndrome?
    Fluid shift from bloodstream to intestine
  36. Is blood around stoma good or bad?
    Good-shows good blood flow to stoma
  37. What do you inspect for with ileostomy?
    Bleeding and color
  38. Sweating post tube feeding
  39. Nursing consideration for pt with lesions removed from mouth?
  40. After esophageal surgery, what is the best way to avoid regurgitation?
    Small meals
  41. What do you do with a poop specimen?
    Leave at room temperature
  42. If there is an obstruction, what is the best finding?
    Stable vitals, I&O, moist mucous membranes
  43. What ulcer is in hospital setting?
    Stress ulcer
  44. What vaccines are there for hep?
    Hep A&B
  45. How do lab tests change with cirrhosis?
    Elevated serum and urine bili; elevated serum enzymes; decreased serum protein, cholesterol, prolonged PT; CBC has low RBC, WBC, platelets
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