Chemistry U2M1 - The Alkenes and Reactions

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  1. The functional group of the alkenes?
  2. Why are the alkenes unsaturated?
    Becuase the C=C is a multiple bond.
  3. What is the general formula for alkenes?
  4. E/Z Isomerism
    • but-2-ene has two isomers an E and Z isomer
    • The best way to tell if its alkene is to combine it with Br in he dark
  5. Shape and Bonding
    • The sigma bond lies along the x-axis between the C=C bond
    • The pi bond is above and below the molecule
    • Bond angles are 120
    • Each carbon atom has 3 sigma bons around it making the shape trigonal.
  6. E/Z Isomerism
    • There is no free rotation around the C=C bond therefore groups attached to carbons on the C=C bond are fixed.
    • CH3 has a higher priority than H
    • If the higher priority groups are on different carbons but on the same side of the C=C bon then they are Z-isomers. If they are opposite then they are E-Isomers
    • Cis-trans isomerism is if there are two hydrogen atoms and two no-hyrdogen atoms around the double bond.
    • Z would be cis-
    • E would be trans-
  7. Reactions of Alkenes
    The electrons in the pi bond form a covalent bond with the more positive part of the attacking molecule.
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