Chemistry U2 M2- The alchohols and types of alcohols

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  1. Background
    • They are a homologous series
    • Alcohols are soluble in water because they can form hydrogen bonds
  2. What is the general formula?
  3. Physical Properties
    • Alcohol is polar which causes hyrogen bonding between the molecules
    • They have lower volatility
    • Higher than expected boiling points
  4. Combustion
    • Alcohols burn to form carbon dioxide and water
    • This reaction is exothermic
  5. Elimination of water
    When alcohols are heated with a acid catalyst water is eliminated to give an alkene
  6. Esterification
    In the presence of an acid catalyst alcohols react with carboxylic acids to form sweet smeeling liquids
  7. Classification of alcohols
    • Primary - On the carbon with the OH group with two hydrogen atoms
    • Secondary - On the carbon with the Oh group with only one hydrogen atom
    • Tertiary - On the carbon atom with the OH group with no hydrogen
  8. How to distinguish between alcohols
    • Primary and secondary alcohols have at least one hydrogen atom on a carbon as well as the OH. One of these hydrogens and a hydrogen on the OH can be removed.
    • They both can be oxidised
    • Tertiary can not be oxidised

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Chemistry U2 M2- The alchohols and types of alcohols
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U2 M2 alchohols types alcohols

U2 M2- The alchohols and types of alcohols
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