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  1. aziziye mosque
    stoke newington road/ just below walford road
  2. abney hall
    stoke newington church street
  3. defoe road
    stoke newington church st/ kynaston road
  4. hoxton market
    boot street/ coronet street
  5. hackney community college
    falkirk street
  6. hoxton apprentice
    hoxton square
  7. trafik bar
    hoxton square - opposite electric city showrooms
  8. boundary hotel
    redchurch street
  9. cantalope bar
    charlotte road -sdol @end -note nrt into gt eastern st
  10. shoreditch house club
    ebor street -maybe sdor in
  11. box park
    bethnal green road- new
  12. christ church spitalfields church
    commercial street -just next to hanbury st
  13. ten bells pub
    commercial street- sdol only. lol 1st left fornier street
  14. womens library
    old castle street- commercial street, pomells way, old castle street in
  15. puma court
    commercial street -lol/lor
  16. child line
    folgate street - commercial street in
  17. dennis severs museum
    folgate street
  18. the owl and pussycat pub
    redchurch strret - ebor st in/ chance st out onto bethnal green road
  19. be at 1 bar
    king william street -old dizzys bar
  20. moorgate hall
  21. monument station
    fish st hill - eastcheap, boltoph lane, monument street, pudding lane, eastcheap, fish st hill
  22. city of london diaries (jones bros)
    middlesex street -sdor just before gravel lane
  23. anthologist restaurant
    gresham street
  24. beaufort house
    st boltoph street- sdol just before middlesex street
  25. new london house
    fenchurch place- sdol just past stn. lol fen place, r london street, r mark lane, l/r fenchurch street
  26. clockmakers museum
    aldermanbury -sdor in
  27. guildhall library
    aldermanbury - sdor in
  28. st albans tower
    wood street
  29. slaughtered lamb pub
    great sutton st- goswell road in or berry street in from clerkenwell road- sdor- lor only onto l/r st john street
  30. clink 261 hotel
    grays inn road, sdol on 1 way part. lor can r britiannia street
  31. bt archives
    high holborn- sdol west bound just past red lion street
  32. hummingbird bakery w1
    wardour street- sdol just past broadwick street
  33. kingsway hall hotel
    great queen street
  34. grand connaught rooms
    great queen street
  35. ivor novello theatre stage door
    tavistock street - in from catherine street, sdor.... lor only onto dury lane
  36. church of scotland crown court
    russell street
  37. the arts theatre club
    frith street- sdor down
  38. private eye
    carlisle street- next to candy bar
  39. profile bar
    wardour street- sdor up next to floridita bar
  40. inamo restaurant
    wardour street- sdor up just past broadwick street
  41. sun and cantons pub
    gt pultnety street/ beak street on corner
  42. tommy gunns w1
    beak street - sdor
  43. arang restaurant
    golden square - korean
  44. sartoria bar
    new burliongton street
  45. greenhouse restaurant
    hays mews- off hill street run in
  46. club sakura
    mill street - sdol up
  47. pattersons restaurant
    mill street- sdol up
  48. umu restaurnat
    bruton place
  49. bellamy's restaurant
    bruton place
  50. bloody french restaurant
    westbourne grove, sdol west bound past pembridge villas
  51. hibiscus restaurant
    maddox street- sdol just before mill street
  52. star of bombay restaurant
    westbourne grove- sdol westbound just past pembridge villas
  53. scotch whiskey association
    cork street- sdol up -now gone. called aurelia rest
  54. greigs grill
    bruton place
  55. chepstow villas
    ladbroke grove/ pembridge villas
  56. khans restaurant
    westbourne grove- sdol in from bishops bridge road
  57. tryoler hut
    westbourne grove- sdol in from bishops bridge road
  58. print room theatre
    hereford road- north side sdor in from westbourne grove
  59. commander pub
    hereford road- north side sdol in from westbourne grove
  60. waterside house
    north wharf road -m&s hq. can use hermatage road in from harrow road
  61. marks and spencers head quarters
    north wharf road -m&s hq. can use hermatage road in from harrow road
  62. john aird court
    howley place- warwick ave, maida ave, park pl villas, howley place, sdol
  63. embassy court
    wellington road/ next to wellington hosp
  64. park place villas
    maida ave/ st mary's terrace
  65. graces gate
    st johns wood road (lords cricket ground)
  66. the old piano factory
    fitzroy road- in from regents park road
  67. wellington cab rank/ green hut
    wellington place- sdor in from wellington road.
  68. north gate apartments
    huge apartment block -prince albert road -near to st johns wood circus
  69. stockleigh hall
    prince albert hall- east of avenue road
  70. chalcot square
    chalcot road, in from fitzroy road/ regents park road
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