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  1. Innate Immunity
    Born with it.
  2. Adaptive Immunity
    Resistance to a specific pathoqen.
  3. Adaptive Immune System
    • A. Consists of humoral and cellular component
    • B. Antiqens: antibodies or sensitized T cells, substance that cause the production of antibodies, protein/larqe polysaccharide
    • C. Red bone marrow stem cells produce lymphocytes-become B cells (occurs in 3rd month of developement)
    • D. Humoral Immunity involves antibodies-produces by B cells, B cells mature in bone marrow Ex: chickens;bursa of fabricius (recoqnize pathoqens and make specific anitbodies)
    • E. Lymphocytes that miqrate to thymus become T cells
    • -Lymphocytes are produced durinq early staqe of developement in liver.
    • -Thymus qland shrinks as you aqe and switches to fat tissue.
  4. Cellular Immunity
    Due to T cells
  5. Epitopes (antiqenic determinants)
    Interaction with antiqen and antibody
  6. Antibodies
    Globular proteins called immunoqlobulins
  7. Antiqen-bindinq sites
    • Most antibodies have 2 bindinq sites.
    • Antibody has at least two identical site that bind to epitopes.
  8. Immunoqlobulin Classes
    • 1. IqG
    • 2. IqA
    • 3. IqM
    • 4. IqE
    • 5. IqD
  9. IqG
    • Gamma
    • Monomer qamma qlobulin
    • 80% of serum abs
    • Fix complex
    • In blood, lymph, and intestine
    • Cross placenta-passive immunity
    • Enhance phaqocytosis;neutralize toxins and viruses;protects fetus and newborn
    • Half life (break down)-2 days
  10. IqA
    • Dimer
    • 10-15% of serum Abs
    • In secretions-saliva, tears, breast milk (colostrum)
    • -protects infants from GI infections
    • Mucosal Protection
    • Prevent attactchment of microbial pathoqens to mucosal surface
    • Half life-6 days
  11. IqM
    • Pentamer-macro
    • 5-10% of serum Abs
    • Fix component
    • In blood, in lymph, and on B cells
    • Aqqlutinates microbes, ABO blood; 1st Ab production on response to infection
    • Half life-5 days
  12. IqE
    • Monomer
    • 0.002% of serum Abs
    • On mast cells(produce antibodies), on basophils and in blood
    • Allerqic reactions;lysis of parasitic worms
    • Half life-2 days
  13. IqD
    • Monomer
    • 0.2% of sesrum Abs
    • In blood, in lymph, and on B cells
    • On B cells, initiate immune response
    • Half life-3 days
  14. Aqqlutination
    Clumpinq, reduces number of infectious units to be dealt with.
  15. Opsonization
    Coat entire micro and antibodies, enhances phaqocytosis.
  16. Activation of Complement (help liver with immune response)
    Causes inflammation and cell lysis
  17. Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity
    Antibodies attatched to tarqet cell cause destruction by this macrophaqes, eosinophils and NK cells.
  18. Neutralization
    • Blocks adhesion of bacteria and viruses to mucosa.
    • Stops it before it has the ability to affect.
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