Positive RNA virues

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  1. Caliciviruses
    • naked, icosahedral, +sense ssRNA
    • Norwalk Virus
    • fecal oral rout
    • Acute gatroenteritis: watery diarrhea, nausea, vomiting
    • on Cruise Ships
  2. Reoviruses
    • DS linear 10-12 segments, icosahedral
    • Rotavirus- #1 cause of fatal diarrhea in children
  3. Hepevirus
    • naked, icosahedral,
    • postive sense ssRNA
    • fecal-oral
    • Actue hepatitis
    • high mortality in pregnant women
  4. Delta Virus
    • ss - sense circular RNA, helical, enveloped
    • HDV
    • parenteral, sexual
    • Defective virus that depends on HbsAg as envelope; coninfect or superinfect causes fulminant hepatits
  5. Picornaviruses
    • Small, naked, icosahedral, ss+sense
    • Fecal-oral transmission
    • most common cause of aseptic meningitis in the US
    • Rhinoviruses: #1 cause of cold. growth at 33.0 deg C. Steam will kill it. Peak summer and fall
    • Heparnavirus: Acute hepatitis, usually asymptomatic
    • Polio: virus intially replicates in the tonsils and peyer's patches, spreading to the blood, and across the BBB to the anterior horn of the spinal cord
    • - mild illness: febrile
    • - aseptic meningitis: fever and meningismus. recovered in 1 week
    • - paralytic poliomyelitis: flaccid paralysis w/ no sensory loss
    • -Live vaccine: sabin
    • -killed vaccin: salk- given to kids in US
    • Coxsackie A: hand, foot and mouth (A16), herpangina (fever, sore throat, small red-based vesicles ov er the back of the throat), aseptic meningitis, acute lymphoglandular pharyngitis, common cold
    • Coxsackie B: Myocarditis, Pleurodynia (Bornholm disease- devil's grip- pleuritic pain), aseptic meningitis
    • Echoviruses: fever and ras
  6. Coronaviruses
    • enveloped, helical +ss
    • #2 cause of common cold. winter/spring peak
    • Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV): from birds and small mammals (civet cats) repiratory droplets. Virus is found in urine, sweat and feces
    • Fever >100.4 deg F, flu-like illness, dry cough, dyspnea and progressive hypoxia
    • chest x-ray show focal interstitial infiltrates --> patchy distribution
  7. Flaviviruses
    • Envoloped except HCV, ss + icosahedral
    • spread by mosquito from birds/monkeys
    • HCV: spread by blood transfusion. Causes chronic infection 90% of the time, cirrhosis, carcinoma
    • Yellow fever: (monkey) hepatitis w/ jaundice, fever, backache, nausea and vomiting. Hemorrhagic causes black vomit. live attenuated vaccine for prevention
    • Dengue: (monkey) severe break bone fever: rash, muscle and joint pain. Hemorrhagic fever/shock if reinfected.
    • St. Louis Encephalitis & West Nile Virus: caused by mosquito, causes flu-like illness but may present with encephalitis and death in elderly
  8. Togaviridae
    • enveloped, icosahedral ss+sense
    • Arboviruses (Alpha): mosquito from birds, horses. Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus (EEE), Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE), Venezuelan Equina Encephalitis (VEE). EEE and WEE has killed vaccines
    • Rubivirus (rubella): Live attenuated vaccine. German measles: contracted by respiratory secretions. Followed by a red muculopapular rash that spreads from forehead to face to torso to extremities. Unlike measles, patients are less sick, complications such as encephalitis don't occur, and the rash lasts only 3 days, not 6. Thus its other name "3day measles"
    • Congenital rebella syndrome: Cataracts, deafness, pulmonary stenosis, patent ductus arteriosus, microcephaly.
  9. Retroviruses
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