DNA Prodedures

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DNA Prodedures
2012-04-15 13:39:13
Senior CSA Test

DNA from Death Investigators Handbook
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  1. With the exception of identical twins, the possibility of two people having the same DNA composition is in the order of 1 in 10 to the ____ power.
  2. Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) is a DNA analysis that cuts DNA into pieces using a _______ enzyme, which cuts DNA when it recognizes the GGCC/CCGG sequence. The resultant lengths or fragments depend on the locaiton of those sequences and are called RFLP's. The analysis is accomplished with the _________ ___ process
    • restriction
    • Southern blot
  3. Limitations to RFLP includes the fact that it requires a ________ sample, takes a lot of _______ (4 wks to 6 mos), and once the sample is used, it is gone.
    • large
    • time
  4. _________ or __________ __________ _________ are usually 3 to 5 base pairs in length. It is the ________ number of these repeats that distinguishes one profile from another and forms the basis of _______ analysis.
    • STR
    • Short Tandem Repeats
    • variable
    • STR
  5. Statistical estimates suggest that typeing information from ____ different STR markers will afford virtual identification of an individual. The CODIS (___________ ______ _______ _______) is an FBI program supporting a network of local, state and national databases housing DNA samples of convicted offenders and crime scene samples. These labs are required to use ____ core STR loci technology. The ____ marker in PCR STR DNA is a ______ identifier.
    • 12
    • Combined DNA Index System
    • 13th
    • gender
  6. When collecting suspected blood in snow or water, do so immediately to prevent further __________. Eliminate as much snow as possible. Place in a clean airtight container. _________ the evidence and submit as soon as possible to the lab.
    • dilution
    • FREEZE
  7. For blood examination, the FBI submission requirements include a request letter containing the following:
    (1) a brief _________ of facts relating to the case
    (2) _____ made by suspect regarding the source of the blood
    (3) info about whether ___ blood is present or suspected
    (4) info about whether stains were _________ or diluted with other body fluids
    (5) info about the health of the vic and suspect, suchas as _____, ______, or _____
    • statement
    • claims
    • animal
    • laundered
    • AIDS, Hep, TB
  8. Semen evidence from a sexual assault victim should be ________ and submitted to the lab ASAP.
  9. Hair should be picked up carfully with clan forceps to prevent dammagin the root tissue; __________ hair mixed with suspected body fluids; package ea. group of hair ____ in clean paper or enevelope with sealed corners (no plastic); and __________ and submit ASAP.
    • air-dry
    • separately
    • refrigerate
  10. When collecting red skeletal muscle for DNA processing, you should collect 1-2 cubic inches, place in a clean airtight ______ container ___________ formalin or formaldehyde.
    • plastic
    • without
  11. When collecting long bone for DNA processing, you should
    collect 3-5 inches, place in clean _______ or and envelope with sealed corners. ___________ the evidence, place in styrofoam containers adn ship overnight on dry ice.
    • paper
    • FREEZE
  12. Collect teeth in the following order: unrestored molar, premolar, ______, front tooth; then restored ______, premolar, canine and ________. Package as bone, place in styrofoam containers and ship overnight on dry ice.
    • canine
    • molar
    • front tooth
  13. In bodies involving advaced state of decomposition, _______ becomes the best source of DNA.
  14. CODIS has three levels : ________, or the national level; _____, the local level; ________ the state level.
    • NDIS
    • LDIS
    • SDIS
  15. Two indexes within CODIS--the_______ index and the ___________ index.
    • forensic (crime scene)
    • offender
  16. Sample collected at scene --> PCR DNA analysis--> entered locally into ____--> run against forensic index--> run in offender index