Chapter 23: Legal Implications in Nursing Practice

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  1. grant immunity from lawsuits if the nurse follows the standards of care that a nurse of his or her experience would prudently have followed
    Good Samaritan laws
  2. The client's right to decide care
    Informed consent
  3. client makes known what his healthcare should entail in the event of a terminal illness or condition
    advance directive
  4. provides for client privacy and confidentiality
    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  5. ensures that any individual may receive appropriate emergency care
    The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
  6. allows clients to determine their course of care
    The Patient Self-Determination Act
  7. forbids health plans from placing lifetime or annual limits on mental health coverage that are less generous that those placed on medical or surgical benefits
    The Mental Health Parity Act
  8. Regulatory law or administrative law is created by
    the Board of Nursing
  9. Common law is created by
    judicial decisions in court based on individual cases that are decided
  10. prevents harm to society and provides punishment for crimes
    Criminal law
  11. Statutory law is created by
  12. What regulates hospitals to ensure safety in the provision of services, establishes criteria that must be met for a hospital to receive funding from the government, and provides for penalties if guidelines are not followed?
    Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  13. is conduct that falls below the standard of care that protects others against unreasonable risk of harm
  14. is the threat to engage in harmful or offensive contact
  15. is the actual unlawful touching of another, whether threat of harm is included or not
  16. a civil wrong committed against a person or property
    civil tort
  17. The best way for nurses to avoid being liable for negligence might be to do all of the following
    • Follow standards of care.
    • Give safe competent care in a caring manner.
    • Document assessments, interventions, and evaluations as soon as possible after performing them
  18. When the nurse signs a form as a witness, the nurse's signature shows that the client:
    Has signed that form and the witness saw it being done
  19. Who can legally give consent to a procedure for a minor?
    An appointed guardian
  20. what form of consent can be given for anyone at any age
    in regards to a STD
  21. A system of ensuring appropriate nursing care that attempts to identify potential hazards and eliminate them before harm occurs
    Risk Management
  22. Negligence by a professional nurse or physician that causes injury to the client
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