DO vs. IO

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  1. They give them to me.
    Ellos me los dan.
  2. She sells it to you.
    Ella te la vende.
  3. I don't have it for you.
    No se lo tengo.
  4. I never buy them for her.
    Nunca se los compro.
  5. He tells it to him. (to Juan)
    El se lo dice a Juan.
  6. He tells it to her. (to Maria)
    El se lo dice a Maria.
  7. He tells it to her.
    El se lo dice a ella.
  8. She should explain it to me.
    (2 ways)
    • Ella me lo debe explicar.
    • Elle debe explicarmelo.
  9. I want to tell it to you.
    • Te lo quiero decir.
    • Quiero decirtelo.
  10. You need to send it to them.
    (2 ways)
    • Se la necesitas enviar a ellos.
    • Necesitas enviarsela a ellos.
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