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  1. Symptom of constipation
    firm abdomen
  2. 36 y/o gastrostomy for pep ulcer disease with NG
    metabolic acidosis
  3. How long before a suppository works
    20-30 minutes
  4. Post op hasn�t voided in 8 hours
  5. Possible bowel obstruction
  6. Irrigating a DC of colostomy
    soft formed stool
  7. What intervention do you use after giving someone Phenergan for nausea?
    Use side rails
  8. What can reduce the effects of hiatal hernia?
    Don�t eat several hours before bed
  9. Before NG tube placement
  10. What should be reported with inguinal hernia
    hernia for 2 days that cannot be reduced
  11. Goal of gastritis
    bowel pattern return to normal
  12. What is the first thing to do with hemorrhage from peptic ulcer rapidly deteriorating
    take vitals while flat
  13. What�s the most important intervention with continuous NG tube?
    Prevent aspiration
  14. 34 year old with severe diarrhea and fatigue
  15. What should you avoid to prevent peptic ulcer?
  16. Signs for intestinal obstruction
    pulse and BP normal, moist mucous, equal I&O
  17. 3 day post bowel resection imitiate what implementation?
    Change position
  18. Help post ABD surgery?
    Splint incision
  19. Cause of most peptic ulcers?
    H Pylori
  20. ABD pain
    rebound tenderness
  21. Self care for diverticulitis
    no pnuts or raspberries
  22. Appendectomy with pus
    call dr
  23. Important check on person with peg tube
    check bowels
  24. Dark tarry stools?
    Bleeding from stomach
  25. Infected abscess dressing?
    Nonsterile gloves
  26. Cirrhosis with impaired skin integrity?
    Wear mittens
  27. Levene shunt?
    Keep protein in
  28. Priority with balloon?
    Monitor respirations
  29. Portal hypertension
    avoid straining while pooping
  30. Pancreatic lipase?
    Take with juice
  31. Highest priority with pancreatitis?
    Satisfaction with pain
  32. Pancreatitis risk factor?
  33. Blocked flow of bile?
    Clay stools
  34. Ileostomy
  35. Ileostomy surgery
    good in color
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