business 100 chapter 9

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  1. human resources management
    all the activites involved in aquireing, developing, and maintaining an organizations human resources
  2. human resource planning
    the development of strategies to meet a firms furure human resource needs
  3. replacement chart
    a list of key personel and there possible replacements within a firm
  4. skills inventory
    a computerized data bank containing information on the skills and experience of all present employees
  5. cultural (workplace) diversity
    differences among people in a workforce owing to race, ethnicity, and gender
  6. job analysis
    a systematic rocedure for studying jobs to determine their various elements and requirements
  7. job description
    a list of the elements that make up a particular job
  8. job specifications
    a list of specifications required to preform a particular job
  9. wage survey
    a collection of data prevailing wage rates within an industry or a geographic area
  10. compensation system
    the policies and strategies that determine employee compensation
  11. job evaluation
    the process of determining the relative worth of the various jobs within a firm
  12. comparable worth
    a concept that seeks equal compensation for jobs requireing about the same level of education, training, and skills
  13. flexable benifit plan
    compensation plan whereby an employee recieves a predetermined amount of benifit dollars to spend on a package of benfits he or she has selected to meet individual needs
  14. management development
    the process of preparing managers and other professionals to assume oncreased responsibility in both present and future positions
  15. preformance appraisel
    the evaluation of employees' current and potential levels of preformance to allow mangers to make objective human resources decisions
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