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  1. Pathologic narrowing/stenosis of the opening of the forskin?
  2. Ventral curvature of penis that is often associated with hypospadias?
  3. T/F: Vaginal bleeing or milk from breasts can be normal in a newborn?
    True - related to the newborns hormones
  4. Hyposadias?
    Urethral opening on ventral surface ?(bottom)
  5. Episadias?
    Urethral opening on dorsal surface (top)
  6. If a male 12-16 years hold develops a sudden onset of fever, progressive pain in one testicle, edema of testicle, N/V or dizziness, what should you expect?
    Testicular Torsion

    • MEDICAL EMERGENCY - prompt intervention is essential!
    • -within 6 hrs = 90% can be saved
    • -after 12 hrs = 50% can be saved
    • -after 24 = only 10% can be saved
  7. Minimum urine output in infants thru school age < 30kg?
  8. Minimum urine output in school age & children >30 kg?
    0.5 ml/kg/hr
  9. What should be considered in all febrile infants & toddlers?
  10. S/S of UTI?
    • *Pain on urination
    • *Foul smelling urine
    • *Fever
    • Bloody urine
    • Enuresis (sudden onset in toilet trained children)
    • Fussiness
    • Etc.
  11. Patient teaching if taking Pyridium for UTI?
    makes your piss ORANGE
  12. Nocturnal Enuresis?
    • Bedwetting
    • -usually can't sense bladder fullness
    • -don't awaken to void
    • -untreated unless > 6 yrs old
  13. Diurnal Enuresis?
    • Daytime Wetting (urgency, frequency)
    • -May rush to restroom or cross legs
    • -often can't sit still
    • -may smell like urine
  14. Nursing Interventions for UTI?
    • Avoid holding urine
    • Encourage juices (4 oz.)
    • Cotton underwear
    • Sexually active pple urinate b4 and after sex
    • Females shouldn't use douches
    • Finish Antibiotics
    • Don't use bubble baths
  15. Most importan factor for potty training?
  16. Acute Renal Failure: When should you call MD?
    If K+ >7mEq/L or heart rhythm abnormalities
  17. Common manifestations of Acute Glomerulonephritis?
    • *Edema (spreads to whole body)
    • *Hematuria (coca-cola urine)
    • Oliguria
    • Proteinuria

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Pediatric Genitourinary Dysfunction

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