Bio chpt 23 part 1

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  1. What makes something an animal?
    Has to be...

    Multicelluar, Cells lacking a cell wall, Obtain engergy by consuming other organisms, Motile at some point in lives, and Respond to external Stimuli
  2. Evolution? what Milestones?
    Not really newly introduced but have evolved into different new species through evolution These milestones can be seen through,

    Anatomy, Embryological, and DNA sequences
  3. What are Tissues
    groups of cells which function as a unit such as a muscle
  4. Why are tissues important? What animal does not have Tissues?
    All animals have muscles which are made up of tissues.. Sponges do not have tissues
  5. What is Bilateral?
    Bilateral Symmetry is mirror images
  6. What is Radial?
    Radial Symmetry have even planes "x"
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