Chapter 27 Terms

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  1. Cold War
    US and Soviets, undelcared war, arms race, and hostility, led to great fear of Communists in th eUS
  2. Munich Analogy
    compared the debate over giving in to Stalin's demands to the policy of appeasement created at Munich--> huge failure, dont do it again
  3. Iron Curtain
    Churchill used the metaphor of the iron curtain between free European countries and Commic countries, wanted to inspire Americans to Action
  4. George Kennan
    in charge of affairs in Moscow, sent a very long telegram to the US state dpartment, explained Soviet refusal to compormise, recommended containment which became the US policy toward USSR from then on
  5. Long Telegram
  6. Iran
    Stalin refused to uphold his agreement to remove troops from Iran after the war, US went to UN and threatedned to use atomic bom, USSR then removed troops
  7. Truman Doctrine
    prompted by GBs withdrawl from Turkey and Greece, Truman promises that the US will give aid to any country threatened by communism
  8. Marshall Plan
    recovery plan for Europe, invites all European nations to request assistance to rebuild economies, if they got better, thy would spend money in the US
  9. Cominform
    Comunist Informantion Bureau, asserted SU power over foreighn Commie countries
  10. Berlin Blockade
    since the US/ GB/ French=controlled areas of Berlin lay within Soviet East Germany, the Soviets decided to blockade Berlin and not allow supplies to enter; US began to airlift food and supplies; about a year later Stalin gave up blockade
  11. Nato
    North Atlantic Treaty Organtization, US. GB, Canada, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, netherlands, mutual defense pact ---> first peacetime alliance for the US
  12. Warsaw Pact
    mutual defense treaty organized by the USSR, eight Commie nations, economic assistance as well
  13. Israel
    Truman recognized their independence in 1948, he felt sympathy for Jews plus lots of Americans do too
  14. McMahon Act
    established the Atomic Energy Commission, a civilian group to control atomic energy
  15. Bernard Baruch
    Baruch Plan, wated US to control all atomic energy, not an international shared control
  16. Nuclear Deterrence
    set up nuclear defenses around Sovieet- controlled areas in case of atomic attack, could counter any possible attack
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