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  1. %"Capable"
    In imminent danger of being "incapable"
  2. A nivel mundial
  3. A pasos de
    "Steps from"
  4. Abstraer
    To abstract, isolate (scientific)
  5. Acabar
    To end, finish, complete
  6. Acabar con
    To finish off
  7. Acabar de
    To have just (done something--infinitive)
  8. Acabarse
    To run out of
  9. Acercamiento
    The approach
  10. Aclarar
    To clarify, clear up
  11. Acomodarse
    To accomodate, suits
  12. Aconsejar
    To advise, suggest
  13. Acoplado
  14. Acoplar
    To couple, dock, link
  15. Acosar
    To accost, chastise
  16. Acostarse
    To lie down, go to bed (reflexive)
  17. Actual
    Current, present
  18. Actualmente
    At present, currently
  19. Acudir
    To go, show up
  20. Acuerdo
    The agreement, settlement, deal
  21. Acuosa
  22. Adem�s
    Besides, in addition
  23. Adem�s
    Moreover, also, furthermore
  24. Adicionalmente
  25. Adquirir
    To purchase, aquire, gain, obtain
  26. Adsorber
    To adsorb
  27. Afecci�n
  28. Afuera de
    Outside (of)
  29. Afueras
  30. Agaraguire
    Glutton (Chileanismo)
  31. Agrio
  32. Ah� te va
    "Your turn"
  33. Ahorro
    Saving, thrift, thriftiness
  34. Aj�
    Chile pepper (C)
  35. Al final, A fin de cuentas
  36. Aleda�a
    Surrounding, neighboring, adjacent
  37. Alegre
    Happy, outgoing, easy-going person
  38. Alimentar
    To feed, nourish
  39. Almancenar
    To store, accumulate
  40. Almorzar
    To (have) lunch
  41. Altura
    Height, altitude, elevation
  42. Aludidos
    Referred to, aluded to
  43. Amable
  44. Amanecer
    To dawn
  45. Amaneci� muerto
    "He died in his sleep"
  46. Amargo
    Bitter (food) (adj.)
  47. Ambiente
    Environment, climate, surroundings
  48. Ambos
  49. Americano
    American (not just USA)
  50. Amigable
  51. Amplia
  52. Ancho
  53. Andar
    To go around, hang out, hang around
  54. Andar
    To run (machine), work
  55. Anotar
    To make a note of
  56. Anterior
    Previous, prior, preceeding
  57. Anticucho
    Shish kebab (C)
  58. Antipat�a
  59. Antojarse
    To long for, feel like, desire earnestly
  60. Antojo
    Craving, urge
  61. Antr�picas
  62. Aparici�n
    Appearance, emergence
  63. Apellido
    Last Name
  64. Apenado
  65. Apreciar
    To value, perceive, appraise
  66. Apreciarse
    To rise in value, appreciate
  67. Aprovechar de tomar
    "To take advantage of"
  68. Aquel
    That (unknown item)
  69. Arena
  70. Argumento
    Prepared arguments, debates (logical)
  71. Arom�tico
  72. Arrendar
    To lease, rent
  73. Arrestar
    To drag, draw, pull, haul
  74. Arrogante
    Arrogant, excessively proud
  75. Arrojar
    To throw, cast, fling, hurl
  76. Asado
    Barbaque (C)
  77. Asar
    To roast
  78. Ascender
    To ascend, rise
  79. Asear
    To clean up, tidy up
  80. Asegurar
    To ensure, secure, guarantee
  81. Asistencia
  82. Asistir
    To attend, be present at
  83. As�
    So, thus, like this, like that
  84. As�
    So, thus
  85. Asquear
    To disgust
  86. Asqueroso
    Disgusting, a slimeball
  87. Astuto, �gil
    An astute, intelligent person
  88. Atar
    To tie, bind, attatch, fasten
  89. Atender
    To attend to (often medical)
  90. Atento
  91. Atractivo
  92. At�n
    Tuna fish
  93. Audienca
    Private interview granted with someone more important
  94. Aumentar
    To increase, enhance, improve, amplify
  95. Aunque
    Although, even though
  96. Aut�ntico
  97. Aversi�n
    Dislike (noun)
  98. Ayudar
    To help, assist
  99. Baboso
    Clumsy slob
  100. Bajar
    To go down, put off, get off
  101. Bajar
    To go downstairs
  102. Bajar
    To get out of a vehicle
  103. Bajo
    Creep, low-life, scum
  104. Balde
  105. Bal�n
    Ball (larger)
  106. Banda
    Band, strip, track
  107. Bastardo
    Bastard (literal description)
  108. B�jale
    "Turn it down" (volume)
  109. Beber
    To drink
  110. Bebida
    Soda, soft drink (C)
  111. Beca
  112. Bibleoteca
  113. Bill�n
  114. Bizarro
    Chivalrous, brave (archaic term)
  115. Bobo
  116. Bola
    Ball (smaller)
  117. Bondadoso
    Charitable, giving
  118. Borde
    Edge, verge, border
  119. Borracho
  120. Brincar
    To play, jump around
  121. Bromar
    To joke
  122. Burro
    Dunce, literally "donkey"
  123. Cabe decir
    "It's worth mentioning"
  124. Caber
    To fit into, fit onto (not used for clothing)
  125. Cabritas
    Popcorn (C)
  126. Caer
    To fall
  127. Caer
    To visit unexpextedly, drop in on
  128. Caerse
    To drop (something)
  129. Caerse mal
    To form a bad impression
  130. Caliente
    Warm, hot
  131. Calvo
    Bald (polite)
  132. Cambiar
    To change, make change
  133. Cambiar de casa
    To move (wrt where you live)
  134. Cambiar de idea, cambiar de opini�n
    "To change one's mind"
  135. Cambiar de ropa
  136. Cambiar de ropa
    To change one's clothes
  137. Caminar
    To walk
  138. Campamento
    Camp, campsite
  139. Canal
    Channel, canal, watercourse
  140. Canalla
    Patronizing, mistreats women, lout
  141. Cantidad
    Amount, quantity, sum
  142. Ca�a
    Small cup of wine (C)
  143. Capas
  144. Capaz
  145. Capaz
  146. Capaz
    Capable, able, competent, proficient
  147. Captuar
    To capture, catch
  148. Carga
  149. Cargo
    Job posistion, post
  150. Cari�o
  151. Casi
  152. Casino
    Cafeteria (C)
  153. Cazuela
    Stew, hearty meat soup (C)
  154. Cecilia
    Thirst (Chileanismo)
  155. Cenar
    To have dinner/supper, to dine
  156. Cerebro
    The brain, mastermind
  157. Chambreado
    Warm- usually wrt heated wine (C)
  158. Chancaca
    Solid brown sugar (C)
  159. Chatarra
    Junk food, fast food (Chileanismo)
  160. Chela, chelita
    Beer, brewski (C)
  161. Chocante
    Shocking, offensive, rude
  162. Chocar
    To crash
  163. Choro, chorito, cholga
    Mussel (C)
  164. Chupilca
    Alcoholic cider and toasted flour (C)
  165. Cierre
    Closure, locking
  166. Cita
    Citation, quotation, appointment
  167. Claro
  168. Clave
    Key, code (not for a door)
  169. Cochino, cerdo
    Uncouth, classless snob, literally "pig"
  170. Cocinar
    To cook
  171. Coger
    To fornicate
  172. Colaborar
    To collaborate
  173. Combinado
    Piso and any type of soft drink
  174. Comer
    To eat
  175. Complejo
  176. Complexi�n
    A person's build, shape
  177. Comportamiento
    Behavior, conduct, demeanor
  178. Comportamiento
    Behavior (scientific)
  179. Compromiso
    Commitment, appointment, engagement
  180. Compuerta
    Gate, sluicegate, floodgate
  181. Com�n
    Common, average
  182. Com�n
    Common folk, average Joe
  183. Conceder
    To conceed, grant
  184. Conciencia
  185. Congelado
  186. Connotado
    Notorious, infamous
  187. Conocer
    To be familiar with (specific people, places, proper nouns)
  188. Conocer
    To meet for the first time
  189. Consultar
    To counsult, take advice (you receive the advice)
  190. Contestar
    To reply, write back (letters, messages)
  191. Contrase�a
  192. Copa
    Stemmed wine/champane glass
  193. Copa
    Wine glass, special cup
  194. Corriente
    Current (noun), Cheap, vulgar, trashy (adj.)
  195. Corroborar
    To corroborate
  196. Corroboroerse
    To confirm, corroborate
  197. Cort�s
    Couteous, polite
  198. C�nyuge
  199. Creer
    To believe, to think (personal opinion or belief)
  200. Creerse
    Someone who believes something about themself that isn't true/positive
  201. Crema
  202. Creo que no
    "I don't think so"
  203. Creo que s�
    "I think so"
  204. Creo que tienes raz�n
    "I think you're right"
  205. Cr�eme
    "Trust me"
  206. Crudo
    Crude, Raw
  207. Cuadra
    Block (city)
  208. Cuadrado
    Square (shape)
  209. Cuerda
    Rope, string, cord
  210. Cuerdo
    Sane (adj.)
  211. Cuidado
  212. Cuidar
    To care for, watch over, keep an eye on
  213. Cumbre
    Peak, summit
  214. Cumplido
    Reliable, competent
  215. Cundido
    To spread, take over
  216. Cuota
  217. Curtis
    Complexion, facial skin
  218. Curva
  219. Dado
    Dice, die
  220. Dado (que)
    Given (that)
  221. Dar
    To give, hit
  222. Dar a la calle
    "To face the street" (or patio, or pool, etc.)
  223. Dar chance
    To give a break
  224. Dar coraje
    "To make mad"
  225. Dar en blanco
    "To hit the bull's eye" or "Guess right"
  226. Dar en la torre
    "To beat up on"
  227. Dar la lata
    "To pester" or "To be a pain"
  228. Dar pena
    To embarrass
  229. Darse
    To realize
  230. Darse cuenta (de)
    To realize, understand, comprehend
  231. Darse por vencido
    To give up, surrender
  232. Datos
  233. D�le
    "Hit it (or him or her)"
  234. De igual o Da lo mismo
    "It's all the same to me" or "Doesn't matter"
  235. Decepcionar
    To dissapoint, unimpress
  236. Decepci�n
    Dissapointment, disillusionment
  237. Decir
    To say, tell
  238. Dedicado
  239. Defraudar
    To defraud, disillusion, let (someone) down
  240. Deja ver
    "Let me see"
  241. Dejar
    To let, leave
  242. Dejar
    To leave, let
  243. Dejar de
    Insane, crazy
  244. Delincuente
    Deliquent, career criminal
  245. Desarrollar
    To develop, expand upon, work out
  246. Desayunar
    To (have) breakfast
  247. Desbordar
    To overflow, flood, overwhelm
  248. Descargar
    To download
  249. Desde
    From, since
  250. Desde
    From, since
  251. Desgraciado
    Unpleasant, wretch, sap, not even worthy of scorn
  252. Despacio
  253. Despierto
    Bright, smart and lively
  254. Desprender
    To release
  255. Desprendido
    Generous, in the sense of "disinterested"
  256. Destacable
    Highlight, noteworthy, remarkable
  257. Destacar
    To highlight, stand out, distinguish
  258. Destino
    Destination, fate
  259. Detallista
    Thoughful, the kind of person who sends personalized thank you's
  260. Diaporama
  261. Din�mica
  262. Discordancia
    The discrepency, mismatch, discordance
  263. Discordante
    Discordant, differing
  264. Discusi�n
    (n.) Argument, disagreement
  265. Disfrutar
    To enjoy, take pleasure in
  266. Disgustar
    To cause displeasure
  267. Disgusto
  268. Disminuci�n
    Decrease (noun)
  269. Divertirse
    To enjoy, have fun
  270. Divi�rtanse
    "Enjoy yourself" (in reference to a specific event)
  271. D�le, D�gale
    Indirect command-- "Tell him/her to..."
  272. D�me
    "Tell me" or "Yes?"
  273. Doblada
    Bread folded in layers (C)
  274. Dolor
    To pain, ache
  275. Dominio
  276. Dormir
    To sleep
  277. Dormirse
    To fall asleep
  278. Dos tres
    Not bad (slang)
  279. Drenaje
  280. Dulce
  281. Dulce
  282. Durar
    To last (specific event/duration)
  283. Durazno
    Peach (Chileanismo)
  284. Duro
    Tough, hard
  285. Ebrio
  286. Echar
    To kick out, expel
  287. Echar
    To pour
  288. Echar a perder
    "To spoil"
  289. Echar de menos a ______
    "To miss (someone)"
  290. Echar ganas
    "To show enthusiasm" or "To give it a good effort"
  291. Echar la culpa
    "To blame"
  292. Echar un ojo
    "To have a quick look"
  293. Echar una mano
    "Gimme a hand"
  294. Econ�mico/a
    Reasonable, cheap, economic
  295. Ecosistema
  296. Ecuaci�n
  297. Educado
    Classy person
  298. Efectuar
    To make, effect, bring about
  299. El aceite
    Oil (food)
  300. El afluente
    The tributary, inflow
  301. El ajo
  302. El albaricoque
  303. El ali�o
    Dressing (salad)
  304. El apio
  305. El arbusto
    The bush
  306. El arroz
  307. El auditorio
    The audience
  308. El az�car
  309. El bosque
    The forest, woods
  310. El caf�
  311. El caldo
    Stock, thin soup
  312. El camino
    The road, path
  313. El Cauce
    The channel, riverbed
  314. El caudal
    The flow, volume, flow rate
  315. El cerdo
  316. El champi��n
  317. El chocolate
  318. El condimento
    The Seasoning, condiment
  319. El cordero
  320. El cuchillo
  321. El Desayuno
  322. El detallado
    The detail
  323. El dise�o
    The design
  324. El encargado
    "The guy in charge"
  325. El encargado
    The guy in charge
  326. El enfoque
    The approach, methodology
  327. El flujo
    The flow, flux, discharge
  328. El grafo
    The graph
  329. El guisante
  330. El habla
    "Speaking" (on telephone)
  331. El hecho
    The fact
  332. El huevo
  333. El jam�n
  334. El lim�n
  335. El ma�z
    Maize, sweet corn
  336. El marco del presente
    "The scope of, the context of, the scope of _______"
  337. El medici�n
    The measurement
  338. El melocot�n
  339. El pan
    Bread, loaf of bread
  340. El pepino
  341. El pescado
  342. El pimiento
    Pepper (vegetable)
  343. El platillo
  344. El plato
    Plate, dish, course
  345. El plato principal
    Main Course
  346. El pl�tano
  347. El pollo
  348. El pomelo
  349. El postre
  350. El puerro
  351. El p�blico
    The concert audience
  352. El Queso
  353. El ramo
    The course, class
  354. El resto
    The remainder, rest
  355. El riesgo
    The risk, hazard, danger
  356. El rol
    Key part, important role
  357. El sedimento
    The sediment
  358. El sendero
    The trail, footpath
  359. El seto
    The hedgerow, fence
  360. El suburbio
    The suburb
  361. El suelo
    The soil, earth
  362. El sue�o
    The sleep
  363. El tarro
    Jar, pot
  364. El tenedor
  365. El t�
  366. El tomate
  367. El tratamiento
    The treatment, processing
  368. El trigo
  369. El vaso
    Glass, tumbler
  370. El vertedero
    The dump (garbage)
  371. El vinagre
  372. El vino
  373. El Zumo
  374. Embarazado
  375. Emocionado
  376. Emocionante
  377. Empresa
    Company, business, enterprise
  378. En absoluto
    "Absolutely not"
  379. En balde
    In vain
  380. En la actualidad
  381. En resumen
    In summary/conclusion
  382. En una menor medida
    "To a lesser extent"
  383. Encantador
  384. Encargar
    To charge, entrust, commission
  385. Encargar de
    To take charge of, put someone in charge of
  386. Encontrar
    To meet up with, run into
  387. Enfocar
    To focus
  388. Enfrente de
    In front of, across the way/street, facing
  389. Enga�ar
    To deceiveq
  390. Enriquecer
    To enrich (scientific/formal)
  391. Enviar
    To send (messages)
  392. Es cosa de cada domingo
    dime a dozen, nothing special, "It's an every Sunday thing"
  393. Es un alma de dios
    Extremely good hearted people
  394. Escala
  395. Escalas temporales
  396. Escoger
    To choose, select, pick
  397. Esfuerzos de corte
    Sheer stress, force
  398. Esp�rate
    "Wait a sec" (familiar)
  399. Esp�rese, por favor
    "Wait a minute"
  400. Estad�sticos
  401. Estadounidense
    American, U.S.
  402. Estar de buenas
    To be in a good mood
  403. Estar de malas
    To be in a bad mood
  404. Estar regular
    Fair, lousy
  405. Estar simp�tico
    A "cute" or "interesting" person (a backhanded compliment)
  406. Estiage
    Drought, dry season
  407. Estival
    Summer (formal)
  408. Estrenar
    To debut, use/display something for the first time
  409. Est�pido
    Stupid, dumb
  410. Etapa
    Phase, stage
  411. Excitado
    Aroused (sexual)
  412. Excursionismo
  413. Extra�o
    Weird, bizzare
  414. �poca
    Time, period, season, era
  415. �xito
    Success, hit song
  416. Fastidiar
    To tease, annoy, bother
  417. Fastidoso
    Annoying, bothersome
  418. F�brica
  419. Felicitaciones
  420. Fen�meno
    Facet, phenomenon
  421. Feria de las pulgas
    Flea market
  422. Ferreter�a
    Hardware store
  423. Fijar
    To fix, set, arrange
  424. Flojo
  425. Fl�culos
  426. Fofo
    Flabby, soft
  427. Fondo
    Large pot (foor cooking in the countryside) (C)
  428. Fondo
  429. Fondo
    Ground, floor, bottom
  430. Formal
    A person held in high esteem
  431. Fregadero
    The sink (kitchen, bathroom)
  432. Fregar los platos
    To wash up, do the dishes
  433. Fre�r
    To fry
  434. Fresco
    Fresh, cool, chilled
  435. Fritaga
    Fried food (Chile)
  436. Frontera
    Frontier, boundary
  437. Frutilla
    Strawberry (Chileanismo)
  438. Fuente
    Source, fountain, spring
  439. Fuerte
  440. Fundamento
    Foundation, basis
  441. Gama
    Spectrum, gamut
  442. Gasuso, Langu�
    Hungry (C)
  443. Generoso
  444. Genial
    Clever, great (for things), wild and crazy (person)
  445. Gentil
    Kind, courteous (adj.) Stuffy-ironic "how nice" or "how great"
  446. Genuino
  447. Gestion
    Management, administration
  448. Girar
    To turn
  449. Golpear
    To hit
  450. Gracioso, Christoso
    Humorous, witty person
  451. Grosero
    Rude, tasteless
  452. Guapo, Guapa
    Handsome, Pretty
  453. Guardar
    To guard, save, put (something) away
  454. Guijarro
  455. Hab�a
    There was/were
  456. Hablar
    To talk, speak
  457. Hace un rato
    "A little while ago"
  458. Hacer
    To do, make
  459. Hacerse
    To become, act like
  460. Hacia
  461. Hallulla
    Thick English muffin-type bread (C)
  462. Hasta
  463. Hay que + infinitive
    "One has to ___"
  464. Hazte de cuenta
    "Pretend�" or "Let's say..."
  465. Herida
    Serious injury
  466. Herramienta
    Tool, toolbox
  467. Hervir
    To boil
  468. Hervir la pava
    To boil water in a tea kettle (C)
  469. Hidr�geno
  470. Hierro
    Iron (element)
  471. H�brido
  472. Hoja
    Sheet (of paper), leaf
  473. Hombre de negocios
  474. Honesto
    Decent, honest
  475. Honrado
    Very honest, forthright
  476. Hubo
    There was/were (temporary)
  477. Humedecer
    To wet, moisten, dampen
  478. Hundirse
    To sink
  479. H�medo
    Wet, humid, moist
  480. Idiota
    Idiot (but stronger)
  481. Ignorante, Cretino
  482. Imb�cile
    Stupid jerk, imbecile
  483. Imponer
    To impose, enforce, assert
  484. Impreciso
    Vague (person)
  485. Imprimir
    To print
  486. Incapaz
    Incapable, incompetent
  487. Incrementar
    To increase, augment
  488. Inculto
    "Uncultured", boorish
  489. Infame
    Infamous, lasting scorn
  490. Infeliz
    Loser, schmuck
  491. Informal
    Informal (get together, social metting), unreliable person
  492. Inicial
  493. Injuria
    Insult, offense
  494. Inspirar
    To inspire, prompt, embolden
  495. Intant�nea
  496. Intentar
    To try, attempt, intend
  497. Intoxicado
    Poisoned (unintentional)
  498. Introducir
    To insert, add, introduce, stick in
  499. Involucrar
    To involve, implicate
  500. Jab�n
  501. Jaiva
    Crab (C)
  502. Jalea
    Jell-O (Chileanismo)
  503. Jote
    Coke and red wine (C)
  504. Kinetic
  505. La bebida
    The drink, beverage
  506. La berenjena
  507. La cacerola
    Sauce pan
  508. La caja
    The checkout, cashier
  509. La carne
  510. La Carpeta
    Portfolio, folder
  511. La carretera
    The highway
  512. La carta
  513. La cartera
    The wallet
  514. La cebolla
  515. La cena
    Dinner, supper, evening meal
  516. La cereza
  517. La cerveza
  518. La choca, coquita
    Tea (C)
  519. La ciruela
  520. La col
  521. La coliflor
  522. La comida
    Food, meal, dinner (Chile)
  523. La cuchara
  524. La Cuenca
    The basin, watershed
  525. La cuenta
    Restaurant bill
  526. La disputa
    The dispute
  527. La Ensalada
  528. La especia
    The spice
  529. La forma
    The way
  530. La frambuesa
  531. La fresa
  532. La fruta
    The (piece of) fruit
  533. La frutilla
    Stawberry (Chile)
  534. La galleta
    Cookie, biscuit, cracker
  535. La gaseosa
  536. La grosella negra
  537. La harina
  538. La hierba
  539. La impresora
    The printer
  540. La inudaci�n
    The flood
  541. La jud�a
  542. La lata
    Tin, can
  543. La L�mpara
    The Lamp
  544. La leche
  545. La lechuga
  546. La mantequilla
  547. La manzana
  548. La marmelada
    Jam, marmalade
  549. La miel
  550. La mostaza
  551. La naranja
  552. La nata
  553. La nuez
    Nut, walnut
  554. La orilla
    The shore, bank, shoreline, riverside
  555. La patata
  556. La pera
  557. La pimienta
    Pepper (spice)
  558. La pi�a
  559. La planta baja
    Ground floor, lobby
  560. La prieta
    Blood Sausage (Chileanismo)
  561. La puerta de
    The door of
  562. La red
    The network
  563. La remolach
  564. La rugosidad
    The roughness
  565. La sal
  566. La salchicha
    (little) sausage
  567. La salida
    The exit
  568. La salsa
    Sauce, gravy
  569. La sede
    The headquarters
  570. La sert�n
    Frying pan
  571. La sidra
    The cider
  572. La sopa
  573. La tarta
    Cake, tart
  574. La tasa
    The rate, fee
  575. La taza
    Cup, mug
  576. La uva
  577. La uva pasa
  578. La verdad es que
  579. La zanahoria
  580. La zanja
    The ditch, trench, drain
  581. Lanzar
    To launch, throw, pitch
  582. Las espinacas
  583. Las herramientas
    The tools, gear, tool kit
  584. Las verduras
    Greens, (cooked) vegetables
  585. Lastimarse
    Minor injury
  586. Lata
    A pest, pain, nuisance
  587. Lecho
    Stream bed, top layer
  588. Lento
  589. Librer�a
  590. Ligada
    Linked, related, connected
  591. Lim�n de pica
    Lime (C)
  592. Listo
    Bright, witty, clever
  593. Lixiviar
    To leech (scientific)
  594. Llevarse
    To get, take away, take off
  595. Llevarse
    To get along, take/buy (shopping)
  596. Llevo + # + meses (a�os, d�as) aqui
    "I've been here for _____ months (years, days)"
  597. Loco
    Insane, crazy
  598. Lograr
    To achieve, accomplish, obtain, manage (to)
  599. Lograr + infinitive
    To manage (to)
  600. Los cubiertos
  601. Los Medios (de comunicaci�n)
    News media
  602. Los pepinos
    The cucumbers
  603. Lucir
    To shine, display
  604. Lucirse
    To show off, flaunt
  605. Lucro
  606. Lulo
    Long flat bread (C)
  607. Mal parido, Mal nacido
    "Born bad", mean
  608. Maldito
    Bastard (not literally)
  609. Mal�fico
  610. Malvado
    Malicous, offensive, bad person
  611. Malviviente
    Deliquent, incorigible rogue, literally "bad-liver"
  612. Mandar
    To send, order (boses, generals)
  613. Mangi
    Meal (Chile)
  614. Man�
    Peanut (C)
  615. Manjar
    Dulce de leche (C)
  616. Mantener
    To support (monetarily)
  617. Manyar
    To eat (C)
  618. Marca
    Brand (of clothing, gear, etc.)
  619. Mariguano
    Seedy, criminal
  620. Marraqueta
    French Bread (C)
  621. Masa
    Mass (scientific)
  622. Mate
    Dried herbal tea (C)
  623. Me chocha
    I strongly dislike
  624. Media
    Mathmatical mean, stocking, pantyhose
  625. Medidas
    Steps, actions, steps
  626. Mediocre
    Mediocre, insufficient
  627. Mentiroso
    Compulsive lier, con
  628. Men�
    Fixed-price meal (Chile)
  629. Merqu�n
    Ground hot red pepper (C)
  630. Meter
    To put in
  631. Meter
    To put (something) in, go inside, go in
  632. Meterse
    To get involved in
  633. Mil millones
  634. Mitad
    Half, middle (noun)
  635. Molestar
    • (v.) To bother
    • (adj.) Upset, angry, uncomfortable
  636. Monta�ismo
  637. Movido
    A very active person, but never sure quite where
  638. Muestra
    The sample, specimen (scientific)
  639. Muy hecho
    Overdone, overcooked, well done
  640. Muy vivo
    Clever, nobody's fool, also a little shady or underhanded
  641. Nada del otro mundo
    Nothing special, literally "not from the other world"
  642. Navegado
    Warm wine with orange peels and spices (C)
  643. Necio
    Subborn jackass
  644. Ni
    Not even, neither, nor
  645. Ni creas
    "Don't expect" or " "No way"
  646. Ninguno
    None, neither
  647. Nivel
    Level, tier, standard
  648. No cabe duda
    "There's no doubt"
  649. No me digas
    "You don't say"
  650. No seas pesado
    "Don't be a pain" (amongst friends)
  651. No soportar
    "Can't stand"
  652. Nopal
    Prickly pear
  653. Normal
    Normal (person)
  654. Normal
    Average, run of the mill, nothing special
  655. Notarse
    I can se that, It shows (verb)
  656. Odiar
    To hate
  657. Ofreta
    Sale, special offer
  658. Oler
    To smell
  659. Once
    Light evening meal, tea (Chile)
  660. Ordinario
    Vulgar, rude, crass, slob (adj.)
  661. Ordinario
    Ordinary, slightly negative when applied to people
  662. Oscilar
    To range, oscilate
  663. Otorgar
    To grant, award, confer
  664. Paisaje
    The landscape
  665. Palta
    Avocado (Chileanismo)
  666. Pan
    A stick of butter (C)
  667. Pan amasado
    Homemade bread (C)
  668. Pantruca
    White dough soup (C)
  669. Papeo
    Food (Chile)
  670. Parado
  671. Parar
    To stop (something stopped something else)
  672. Pararse
    To stop (capable of stopping itself)
  673. Pare
  674. Pared
  675. Parentesco
  676. Parientes
  677. Partir
    To depart, split, divide
  678. Pasadero, pasable
    Acceptable, tolerable, passable
  679. Pasado
    Old, stale, bad, overripe
  680. Patear
    To kick
  681. Payaso
    Clumsy, oafish clown
  682. Pebre
    Salsa, hot sauce (C)
  683. Pedante
    Pedantic, stuck-up
  684. Pedir
    To ask for, order
  685. Pelota
    Ball (Chile)
  686. Pel�n
    Bald (irreverent)
  687. Pena
    Sorrow, embarrasement
  688. Penca
    Green vegetable (such as celery) (Chileanismo)
  689. Pendiente
    Slope, descent, grade, incline
  690. Pensar
    To think, emphasizing the process or act of thinking
  691. Peor es nada
    Better than nothing
  692. Pesado
    Obnoxious boor, intolerable
  693. Picada
    Inexpensive restaurant (Chileanismo)
  694. Picante
    Spicy, hot
  695. Piedra
  696. Piel
  697. Pieza
    Piece, part (of something bigger, like a machine)
  698. Pila
    Bunch of fruit of vegetables (C)
  699. Pilco
    Corn Kernels (Chileanismo)
  700. Plantear
    To propose, present, pose (scientific)
  701. Pleito
    Heated Disagreement, quarrel
  702. Pluvial
    Rainy (scientific)
  703. Pluviometr�a
    Rainfall (scientific)
  704. Poco hecho
    Rare, underdone
  705. Podrido
  706. Poner la mesa
    To set the table
  707. Poroto
    Bean (Chileanismo)
  708. Posterior
    Subsequent, later (scientific)
  709. Prepotente
    Powerful person who abuses his/her authority
  710. Presentar
    To introduce (a person)
  711. Presente
    Present, in progress
  712. Presi�n
    Pressure, stress
  713. Presumido
    Show-off, presumptuous
  714. Primer piso
    First floor (not the ground floor)
  715. Probar
    To try, tast, sample
  716. Probar
    To test, experiment, try out
  717. Probar
    To test, prove, experiement, try
  718. Probarse
    To try on
  719. Profudidad
    Depth (scientific)
  720. Profundidad
  721. Profundizar
    To deepen, fathom
  722. Promedio
    Average, mean
  723. Provenientes
    Originating, arising, coming from
  724. Quaker
    Oatmeal (Chileanismo)
  725. Quedar en verse
    To meet up with (planned get-together)
  726. Queque
    Sweet bread (C)
  727. Querer decir
    "To mean"
  728. Querer decir
    To mean
  729. Quitar
    To take (something) off, take away
  730. Radica
    Resides, lies
  731. Raro
    Strange, odd
  732. Raz�n de mezcla
    Mixing ratio
  733. Realizar
    To realize, achieve
  734. Realizar
    To perform, carry out, fulfill, achieve
  735. Realmente
    Actually (for added emphasis in middle of phrase)
  736. Rebasar
    To exceed, overtake, overrun
  737. Receta
    Medical prescription
  738. Recibo, nota
  739. Reciclaje
  740. Recoger la mesa
    To clear the table
  741. Recolectar
    To collect, gather
  742. Recordatorios
  743. Rect�ngulo
  744. Recto
    Highlight basic decency, honesty
  745. Recto
  746. Recubrimento
    Coating, covering, surface
  747. Referente
  748. Regularse
    To regulate, govern, adjust
  749. Relajado
    Relaxed, laid-back
  750. Relajado
    Relaxed, laid-back
  751. Rellenado
    Completed, filled in
  752. Remolino
  753. Renunciar
    To quit (a job)
  754. Resbalar
    To slip, slide
  755. Respaldar
    To support, back up, back (e.g. a proposal)
  756. Responsable
  757. Resumir
    To sum up (summary)
  758. Retardar
    To slow
  759. Retomar
    To resume, retake
  760. Riesgo
    Risk, hazard
  761. Roca
    (n.) Rock
  762. Ropa
  763. Royal
    Baking Powder (Chileanismo)
  764. Rupturar
    To rupture, breakdown
  765. Sabor
    Flavor, taste
  766. Sabroso
    Nice, tasty
  767. Sacar
    To take out
  768. Sacar buenas notas
    "To get good grades"
  769. Salado
    Salty, salted
  770. Saltar
    To jump
  771. Salvo
    Expect, save, but
  772. Saneamiento
    Sanitation, purification
  773. Sano
    Physical and mental health
  774. Secar
    To dry
  775. Seg�n
    According to
  776. Seg�n
    According (to)
  777. Sem�foro
    Traffic Light
  778. Semejante
    Similar, alike, like
  779. Sensato
  780. Sensato
    Sensible, sound judgement and charcter
  781. Sensible
  782. Se�alar
    To note, mark, designate
  783. Ser regular
    Consistent, regular, steady
  784. Serio
    Reliable, trustworthy, solid individual
  785. Setenciar
    To judge, sentance, condemn
  786. Si bien
    While, even though
  787. Simp�tico
    A cool, likable person
  788. Simple
  789. Sin fines de lucro
    Nonprofit organization
  790. Sin verg�enza
    Scoundral, takes pleasure in being bad, literally "without shame"
  791. Sino
    But, except
  792. Snob, Esnob
  793. Sobre
    About, above, on top of
  794. Sociable
    Sociable, out-going, partyer
  795. Soga
  796. Solicitud
    Application, form
  797. Sombra
  798. Someter
    To submit, subject
  799. Sopa
  800. Sopaipilla
    Fried bread fritter (C)
  801. Soportar
    To tolerate
  802. Sorci�n
  803. Sostener
    To physically/structurally support
  804. Sostener
    To support, maintain, sustain
  805. S�lido
    Solid, hard, substantial
  806. Suave
    Gentle wind
  807. Suave
  808. Subcapa
  809. Subgerente
  810. Subirse
    To get in a car/bus/vehicle
  811. Sumar
    To add, add up
  812. Sumidero
    Sink, repository (scientific)
  813. Superficie especifica
    Surface area
  814. Suplente
    A substitute
  815. Suplir
    To substitute, fill in for
  816. Surgir
    To arrise
  817. Sustanciar
    To substantiate
  818. S�per
    Supermarket (C)
  819. Tal modo
    In such a way (that), thereby
  820. Tal vez
    Maybe, perhaps
  821. Tales como
    Such as
  822. Tama�o
    Size (general)
  823. Tamizar
    To sieve, sift, filter
  824. Tan
  825. Tanto
    So much
  826. Tapete, alfombra
  827. Tarado
    Moron, not the sharpest tool in the shed
  828. Tarugo
    Dull blockhead, literally "block of wood"
  829. Taza
  830. Tejada
    Slice (of tomato, bread, fruit, etc.)
  831. Tela
  832. Tema
    Topic, theme, subject
  833. Temer
    To fear, dread
  834. Temporada
    Season (referring to the 4)
  835. Tenedor libre
    All-you-can-eat buffet (C)
  836. Tener hambre
    To be hungry
  837. Tener Sed
    To be thirsty
  838. Te�rica
  839. Terminar
    To finish, end, terminate
  840. Terreno
  841. Tiene toda la raz�n _______
    "_________ is totally right/has a point"
  842. Tierna
    Gentle person
  843. Tierno
    Tender, soft
  844. Tintano
    Red Wine (C)
  845. Tintero
    Red wine-lover (C)
  846. Tomar
    To take, get, grab
  847. Tomar Once
    To have late afternoon lunch (C)
  848. Tomar un bocado
    To have a bite to eat, to have a snack
  849. Tonto
    Silly, fool
  850. Torpe
    Clumsy oaf, klutz
  851. Tostar
    To toast, brown
  852. Trabajador
  853. Trabajo en terreno
  854. Transversal
    Crosswise, oblique
  855. Traslapadas
  856. Trazadores
  857. Tremendo
    Outrageous, (negative and positive connotations)
  858. Triunfar
    To suceed, win, triumph
  859. Trozo
    Piece, chunck
  860. Tuna
    Fruit of the prickly pear
  861. Tuto, trutro
    Chicken thigh (C)
  862. Ubicar
    To locate, situate
  863. Umbral
    The threshold
  864. Un choque
    A crash, state of shock, powerful electric shock
  865. Un toque
    A (static) shock
  866. Un, dos, tres
    Food Processor (C)
  867. Una fina persona
    A well-bred, refined person
  868. Una persona comprensiva
    A very compassionate, understanding person
  869. Una persona considerada
    A considerate person
  870. Una persona culta
    A cultured, dignified person
  871. Una persona de confianza
    A personal who can be trusted, confided in
  872. Una tienda de comestibles
  873. Us estreno
    A premiere, opening, debut
  874. Uslero
    Rolling pin (C)
  875. �ltiamente
  876. Vacunar
    To vaccinate
  877. Vago
    Vague (things), bum, vagabond (person)
  878. Valle, carca
  879. Vanidoso
    Vain, shallow
  880. Vaya todo derecho
    "Go straight on"
  881. Vecino
  882. Verdadero
    Actual, real
  883. Verg�enza
  884. Vestir
    To dress, wear
  885. Vestirse
    To get dressed
  886. Vitrina
    Showcase, cabinet
  887. Voluble
    Unreliable, flighty, fickle
  888. Ya
    Already, now, soon
  889. Zapallo
    Calabaza (C)
  890. Zorra
    Shrew, slut, prostitute
  891. �Al rancho!
    Let's eat!
  892. �D�le duro!
    "Give 'em hell!"
  893. �Qu� pena!
    How embarassing!
  894. �A qu� estamos hoy?
    "What is today's date?"
  895. �C�mo amaneciste?
    "How did you sleep?"
  896. �Paga en efectiva?
    "Paying with cash?"
  897. �Por d�nde est� _____?
    "Where is ______?"
  898. �Quepo yo?
    "Will I fit?" "Is there room for one more?"
  899. �Qu� crees?
    "Guess what?"
  900. �Qu� quiere decir esa palabra?
    "What does that word mean?"
  901. �Voy bien para�?
    "A I going the right way to...?"
  902. La Impresora
    The Printer (n.)
  903. Carpa
  904. Probar
    To taste
  905. A partir de
    "Based on" (formal)
  906. Provenir
    To come from, proceed
  907. A trav�s (de)
    Though (formal)
  908. Cuando se ocupada
    "When dealing with"
  909. Huella
    Fingerprint, trace, mark (n.)
  910. Patr�n
    Pattern (n.)
  911. Borrador
    Rough draft (n.)
  912. Embalse
    Dam + reservoir (n.)
  913. Represa
    Dam (n.)
  914. Ruido
    Noise (general) (n.)
  915. Estruendo
    Roar, crash, noise (n.)
  916. Sudar
    To sweat
  917. Tapar
    To cover, plug, fill, close
  918. Buen Provecho
    "Bon appetit" (chileanismo)
  919. Ajiaco
    Spiced beef stew (chileanismo)
  920. Caldo
    Soup (chileanismo)
  921. Centolla
    King Crab (chileanismo)
  922. Erizos
    Sea Urchins (chileanismo)
  923. Locos
    Abalone (chileanismo)
  924. Machas
    Razor Crabs (chileanismo)
  925. Ostiones
    Scallops (chileanismo)
  926. Picoroco
    Giant Barnacle (chileanimso)
  927. Pulpo
    Octopus (chileanimso)
  928. Trigo
    Wheat (chileanimso)
  929. Sabroso
  930. Callampas
  931. Santiaguinos
    A person from Santiago
  932. Carrete
    Party (chileanimso)
  933. Moda
    Fashion (n.)
  934. Fijar
    To fix, set, fasten
  935. Meleza
  936. Cajero autom�tico
  937. Cancha
    Field, court
  938. Cardumen
    Shoal (of fish)
  939. Burbuja
  940. Sumar
    To add, add up
  941. Pez
    Fish (living)
  942. Fleite
    Sketchy (Chileanismo)
  943. Cargar
    To download
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