Bio Final Prep - Darwinian

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  1. Jean Baptiste Lamarck proposed 2 mechanisms of evolution.
    • Use and disuse
    • Inheritance of acquired characteristics
  2. Darwin made 4 observations:
    • 1) Members of a population vary in their traits
    • 2) Traits are inherited from parents to offspring
    • 3) All species produce more offspring than the environment can support
    • 4) Many of the offspring do not survive
  3. Natural Selection
    different survival and reproduction of individuals within a population
  4. Homology
    Similarity resulting from common ancestry
  5. Homologous structures
    • anatomical resemblances that represent variations on a structural theme present in a common ancestor
    • (phalanges, metacarpals)
  6. Vestigial structures
    Remnants of features that served important tunctions in the organism's ancestors
  7. Analgous
    • structures that serve the same function in different species, but are NOT derived from a common ancestral sructure
    • (wings, aerodynamic sharks/dolphins)
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