Chapter 16 Quiz One

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  1. potential space between visceral and parietal pleurae
    pleural cavity
  2. serves as resonant chamber and reduces weight of skull
  3. microscopic air sacs for gas exchange
  4. consists of large lobes
  5. opening between vocal cords
  6. fold of mucous membrane containing elastic fibers responsible for sounds
    vocal cords (true)
  7. increases surface area of nasal mucous membrane
    nasal concha
  8. passageway for air and food
  9. partialy covers opening of larynx during swallowing
  10. what is ventilation?
    bringing in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide
  11. What is external respiration?
    exchange of gases between lungs (alveoli) and blood
  12. What is internal respiration?
    exchange of gases between blood and cells (in body tissues)
  13. Which pair of vocal cords produce sound?
    true vocal cords
  14. What is the epiglottis?
    flap of tissue that closes off the opening into the trachea
  15. Which vocal cords close off the glottis?
    false vocal cords
  16. What is the glottis?
    a triangular shaped opening between the vocal cords that opens to the trachea
  17. When doe sthe epiglottis close of the glottis?
    during swallowing
  18. What are the paranasal sinuses?
    • frontal
    • ethmoid
    • sphenoid
    • maxillary
  19. Where does the opening of the C-shaped cartilaginous rings open to?
  20. What is the trachea made up of?
    connective tissue and cartilage
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