Language Activity A #2 Vocab

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  1. Abate
    to decrease; to reduce
  2. adulation
    excessive flattery or admiration
  3. arable
    suitable for cultivation
  4. berate
    to scold harshly
  5. cede
    to surrender possession of something
  6. demagogue
    a leader, rabble-rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejudice
  7. emulate
    to strive to equal or excel, to imitate
  8. facile
    easily accomplished; seeming to lack sincerity or depth; arrived at without due effort
  9. galvanize
    to shock; to arouse awareness
  10. implacable
    inflexible; not capable of being changed or pacified
  11. levity
    an inappropriate lack of seriousness, overly casual
  12. mellifluous
    having a smooth, rich flow
  13. panache
    flamboyance or dash in style and action
  14. philology
    the study of ancient texts and languages
  15. proffer
    to offer for acceptance
  16. rarefy
    to make rare, thin, or less dense
  17. rife
    abundant, prevalent, especially to an increasing degree; filled with
  18. sophomoric
    exhibiting great immaturity and lack of judgment
  19. tantamount
    equal in value or effect
  20. turgid
    swollen as from a fluid, bloated ornate or complex in style or language
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