Unit 4

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  1. Residual volume
    • Remaining volume (1200ml) of air in lungs after forceful expiration.
    • It prevents the lungs from collapsing during expiration
  2. Tidal Volume
    • The volume of air that moves in and out with each breath
    • About 500 ml during quiet breathing
  3. Inspiratory Reserve Volume
    The amount of extra air inhaled (beyond the tidal volume)
  4. Expiratory Reserve Volume
    The extra air that can be exhaled after a forced breath
  5. Total Lung Capacity
    • All four volumes
    • Residual + Tidal + Inspiratory Reserve + Expiratory Reserve
  6. Vital Capacity
    All volumes except residual volume, which is the amount a person can ventilate
  7. Functional Reserve Capacity
    Expiratory Reserve + Residual Volumes
  8. Inspiratory Capacity
    Tidal Volume + Inspiratory Reserve Volume
  9. S/S of Glaucoma
    Redness, swelling, drainage, blurred vision, pain
  10. S/S of Increased Intraocular pressure
    Increasing pain, nausea, decrease in vision
  11. Care after cataract removal
    • For 24 hours, limit activity to sitting in chair, resting in bed, and walking to the bathroom
    • Do not rub eyes or lift more than 5 lbs
    • Do not strain or sleep on the operative side of your body
    • Take your eyedrops and acetaminophen as needed for pain or itching
    • DO NOT take aspirin or drugs with aspirin
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