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  1. Estrone/Kestrone
    Estrogen product, Injection.
  2. Estradiol/Estrace
    Estrogen product, Tablet
  3. Vivelle/Climara
    Estrogen, New in 2003 transdermal system.
  4. EvaMist
    estrogen spray.
  5. Estradiol valerate/Delestrogen
    Depot product for injection (Prodrug), peanut allergy, slow release in deep muscle.
  6. Estradiol cypionate/Depogen
    Depot product for injection (Prodrug), peanut allergy, slow release in deep muscle.
  7. Ethinyl estradiol/Estinyl
    Has an ethinyl group that blocks the conversion to 17B Estrone. Oral contraceptive!
  8. Diethylstibesterol
    Non-steroidal estrogen, contra. in women of childbearing age. was used to prevent miscarriage.
  9. Premarin
    isolated from horse urine. For menopause adn osteoprosis. may cause angioedema.
  10. Esterified estrogen/Menest
    tablet for osteoporosis.
  11. Estropipate salt/Ogen
    horse steroid
  12. Synthetic estrogen/Cenestin
    treat menopause only.
  13. Synthetic estrogen/Enjuvia
    new 2004 mixture of 10 estrogens.
  14. Mestranol
    estrogen for oral contraceptive
  15. Raloxifene/Evista
    selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). Osteoporosis and post menopause. extensive 1st pass
  16. Fulvestrant/Faslodex
    (SERM) treat breast cancer, down regulates estrogen receptor in the breast. For women resistant to tamoxifen!
  17. Progestins Steroid class
    used as OC, amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding. replaces natural progesterone.
  18. Prometrium
    Progestin, capsules
  19. Crinone
    Progestin Vaginal gel, helps with fertility
  20. Progestasert
    Progestin IU device, contraceptive
  21. Megace
    Progestin Palliative treatment in breast cancer, appetite enhancement.
  22. Hylutin
    progestin, prodrug injection for amenorrhea
  23. Makena
    Progestin, injection for prevention of preterm birth
  24. Depo-Provera
    injectable, off lable use for chemical castr. of male sex offenders.
  25. Prempro, Premphase
    Progestin/estrogen combo. treat menopause, osteo, vaginal atrophy. (tablets)
  26. Combipatch
    Progestin/estrogen combo, transdermal product. possible increse risk of BC
  27. Norethidrone
    Progestin OC
  28. Norethidrone acetate/Aygestin
    Progestin OC and amenorrhea
  29. Progestin OC (other)
    Norgesterel, Norgestimate, Levonorgestrel
  30. Progestins used in contraceptives
    Desogestrel, ethynodiol
  31. Etonogestrel
    New entity to try and avoid adverse effects
  32. Micronor
    Progestin only minipill
  33. Ovrette
    Progestin only minipill, norgestrel only
  34. Ortho Tri-cyclen
    Only OC approved for acne
  35. Norplant
    Levonorgesterol Implant. Implant 6 silastic capsules, old capsules must be removed.
  36. Implanon
    Rod implant 99% efective for 3 years, biodegradable.
  37. Progestasert
    IU, T-shaped, 1 year, 38mg progesterone
  38. Mirena
    IU, T-shaped 5 years, 52mg Levonorgesterol
  39. NuvaRing
    IU ring, etonogestrel and estradiol
  40. Depo-Provera
    IM 150 mg every 3 months, Medroxyprogesterone only.
  41. Lunelle
    IM every 28-30 days, Medroxyprogesterone and estradiol.
  42. Plan B
    Levonorgestrel Only
  43. Preven
    Levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol plus pregnancy test.
  44. Ulipristal/Ella
    Emergancy Contra. Fertilized ovum doesn't implant. Metabolism 3A4
  45. Nonoxynol-9 and Octoxynol-9
    Spermicide, acts like a soap and makes the sperm unable to swim.
  46. Ortho Evra
    Transdermal skin patch
  47. Ortho Tri-cyclen LO
    Low dose ortho tricyclen
  48. Femcon
    Spearmint flavored chewable OC
  49. LO loestrin
    Lowest level OC 10 micrograms
  50. Yasmin
    Can cause increase K+ levels, decrease PMS, test. in the skin. Claims less side effects.
  51. Seasonale
    OC that is 91 days long, need to take pregnancy test every month.
  52. Lybrel
    New continuous use product, also needs preg. test
  53. Angeliq
    Drospirenone and estradiol. new for menopause.
  54. Natazia
    4-phasic OC. Mimics mother nature best.
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