KIN 2509 Ch 17

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  1. cerebellum
    the part of the brain that functions to coordinate body movements and maintain posture and balance
  2. cerebral cortex
    the part of the brain that contains the auditory center in the temporal lobe, where sound reception and interpretation take place
  3. ciliated epithelium
    any epithelial tissue that projects small hairlike processes (cilia) from its surface, such as that found in portions of the respiratory tract
  4. cochlea
    coiled tubular structure of the inner ear that contains the organ of Corti
  5. hair cells
    hearing receptors located in the organ of Corti
  6. labyrinth
    the inner ear; contains structures and liquids that relay sound waves to the brain and help to maintain balance
  7. nasal cavity
    one of two cavities with a mucous membrane lining that open to the nose anteriorly and the nasopharynx posteriorly
  8. olfactory
    relating to the sense of smell
  9. ossicles
    the small bones of the middle ear: the incus, the malleus, and the stapes
  10. patent
    open and unblocked
  11. turbinates
    conchae bones; three S-shaped bones located in the nasal cavity
  12. utricle
    saclike structure in the inner ear that is associated with maintaining balance
  13. acous/o
  14. audi/o
  15. audit/o
  16. cochle/o
  17. labyrinth/o
    labyrinth, inner ear
  18. mastoid/o
    mastoid process
  19. ot/o
  20. aur/o
  21. auricul/o
  22. salping/o
    tubes (usually fallopian or eustachian)
  23. staped/o
  24. acoustic
    pertaining to sound or the sense of hearing
  25. audiometer
    instrument for testing hearing
  26. auditory
    pertaining to the sense of hearing
  27. cochlear
    pertaining to the cochlea
  28. labyrinthitis
    • inflammation of the labyrinth
    • AKA otitis interna
  29. mastoidectomy
    excision of the body partitions forming the mastoid cells
  30. otodynia
    pain in the ear
  31. aural
    pertaining to the ear
  32. auricular
    pertaining to the ear
  33. salpingoscope
    instrument used to examine the nasopharynx and eustachian tube
  34. stapedectomy
    excision of the stapes to improve hearing
  35. tympan/o
    tympanic membrane, eardrum
  36. myring/o
    tympanic membrane, eardrum
  37. adenoid/o
  38. epiglott/o
  39. laryng/o
    larynx (voice box)
  40. nas/o
  41. rhin/o
  42. pharyng/o
    pharynx (throat)
  43. sinus/o
    sinus cavity
  44. tonsill/o
  45. trache/o
  46. -acusis
  47. -cusis
  48. -rrhea
    discharge, flow
  49. tympanocentesis
    surgical puncture of the eardrum to drain fluid
  50. myringotome
    surgical knife used for incising the tympanic membrane
  51. adenoidectomy
    removal of the adenoids
  52. epiglottis
    inflammation of the epiglottis
  53. laryngoedema
    swelling of the larynx that is usually caused by an allergic reaction
  54. nasal
    pertaining to the nose
  55. rhinoplasty
    surgical repair of the nose to correct an anatomic defect or for cosmetic purposes
  56. pharyngoscopy
    visual examination of the throat
  57. sinusitis
    inflammation of a sinus cavity due to an allergy, virus, or bacteria
  58. tonsillotome
    surgical instrument used to remove the tonsils
  59. tracheostomy
    forming an openinf by incising the skin over the trachea to permit an open airway
  60. anacusis
    total loss of hearing
  61. presbycusis
    loss of hearing due to the natural aging process
  62. otorrhea
    any discharge from the external ear; usually associated with inflammation of the ear
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